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Things to Know Before You Go to Delhi

Try to bargain while shopping in local markets in Delhi. It is literally okay to bargain here and will surely save many bucks of yours. Always be humble, patient, and polite while visiting Delhi, as y...

West Bengal

Things to Know Before Moving to Bengal

Use the titles ‘DADA’ and ‘DIDI’ to address males and females respectively, in order to give respect. Durga Puja is the biggest festival that is celebrated in Bengal. Try to go...

South India

Things Every North Indian should Know Before Visiting South India

Be considerate over following the rules when you’re in the South. Giving some bucks as bribery to the policemen won’t ease your trouble. Always remember that eating food with your hands is...

Uttar Pradesh

Points You Must Know Before Moving To Uttar Pradesh

Be prepared to see a lot of educated and English-speaking peeps when you come to Uttar Pradesh. Unlike common perception, UP is not totally uneducated people’s land. Keep in mind that the people...


Moving to Orissa? Here are some tips for you!

Orissa is an intersection of the Aryan. Dravidian and Adivasi societies. Most celebrations in the state draw out some piece of these societies and praise their religion via celebrations which range ou...


Maharashtra-A Land of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

‘Maha’ means big and ‘Rashtra’ means nation. Maharashtra is a true ‘Maha’ in its size, population, and culture. Religions and Social Activities in Maharashtra&...


Kerala: The Land of Cultural Diversity

Kerala is one of the major tourist attractions as well as the best honeymoon destination in India. The land of coconut, Kerala is believed to be a gift of the Arabian Sea. The pride of Kerala is exoti...

Kalash Culture Shock

Kalash Culture Shock

The origins of the Kalash tribe are shrouded in doubt and speculation.Obaid Ur Rehman | June 26, 2011 “Every week we get threats from people who ask us to abandon our traditions,” says Fida, a residen...


How to behave when you’re in Rajasthan for the first time!

Always remove your shoes outside when you’re entering someone’s home, unless the host asks you to wear them. Repeat the words of another person he/she greets you with words like ‘Kha...

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