An Inside Look at the Culture of God’s Own Land Kerala

Culture of kerala

The way of life and legacy of Kerala is one that everybody should insight. The way of life of Kerala is a mix of both Indian and Dravidian cultures. Presently days this culture is being impacted by the adjoining states also. The principal USP is its performing expressions like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Martial Art of Kalaripayattu. With respect to the legacy of Kerala, one might say that this legacy holds an exceptional and significant spot in Indian history. Giving public honesty is the Kera la Heritage.

kathakali his culture and legacy of Kerala are reflected in its different artistic expressions, combative techniques, dresses, individuals, and cooking. When in Kerala don’t miss a social workmanship execution. The guests can partake in the accompanying craftsmanship exhibitions in Kerala.

Kathakali – A 300-year-old dance that consolidates show, artful dance, masque and emulate.

Mohiniyattam – The dance of a lovely sorcerer

Kalaripayattu – a military artistic expression that includes synchronizing the psyche and body

Every one of the celebrations in Kerala is commended with all its ceremony and magnificence. The principal celebrations of Kerala incorporate Onam, Vishu, Eid, Thrissur Pooram, and some more. In a portion of these celebrations like Pooram, the principal angle is the parade, where elephants are designed and taken out to the sanctuary grounds.

An Inside Look

People follow the “No spoon, No Fork, No Plate” in Kerala therefore, always eat with your hands.

Address elder men as “Chetta” and younger ones as “Aniya”, as it is highly appreciated by Malayali people.

Try to learn a few Malayalam words, as a lot of people can’t speak any other language but Malayalam.

Always throw the leftovers by folding them in the banana leaf when you’re having a sadya (buffet) in Kerala.

Do not share from the same plate, as it is not acceptable in Kerala.

Do not expect autos and other transport facilities to be available late at night, not even after 8.

Keralites are curious and friendly people. Do not feel awkward if a stranger starts a conversation with you.

Never stand before everyone has finished during a meal, even if you’ve eaten yours wait for others to finish too.

Do not forget to wash your hands before and after having a meal. Unlike West, wiping hands with tissue is not sufficient.

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