Maharashtra-A Land of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity


‘Maha’ means big and ‘Rashtra’ means nation. Maharashtra is a true ‘Maha’ in its size, population, and culture. Religions and Social Activities in Maharashtra are a mixture of well-diverse democracy and all mixed cultures like the rest of India. The simplicity and the customs of the people of Maharashtra and their simple lifestyle will surely leave you in awe.

To witness the simple lifestyle of Marathi folklore and to see their rich customs and traditions that are much depicted in their fairs and festivals, is an overwhelming experience. Also the believer of diverse religions, the people of Maharashtra mainly follow Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity.

The people of Maharashtra are highly influenced by the international metropolitan city of Mumbai. Which is home to the Hindi film industry Bollywood. It is a maxim that where there are films there is fashion. The people of the state are vibrant and are known to spend generously to remain up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

The most popular language of Maharashtra is Marathi. The filmy language of the Hindi cinema, called ‘Tapori’  (vagabond lingo) is the latest slang language. A bit awkward to the ears, it has caught a pace among the youths throughout the country. Before visiting the place, learn the terminology of tapori language and it will prove very useful to you.

Rich History Of Traditions

Maharashtra has a rich history of traditions. A better look at its people and lifestyle can be observed at the time of its fairs and festivals when all the people belonging to diverse regions, religions, caste assemble together to celebrate. The song, music, and dance that accompany almost every festive occasion add joy and excitement to the lives of people from every walk of life.

The culture of Maharashtra, which reveals itself in many ways, is also reflected in its local cuisine. The people of Maharashtra are known for their aesthetic presentation of food. In formal meals, the guests sit on floor rugs or red wooden seats. They eat from silver or metal thalis and bowls. Placed on a short table. To avoid mixing of flavors, each guest is given a bowl of saffron-scented water to dip fingers in before starting to eat the next delicacy.

The people are said to be very sincere and hard-working. In recent times, many people from other states have flocked to Maharashtra. Especially in Mumbai due to the wide array of career opportunities. Some parts of Maharashtra are developed while others are still developing, but the thoughts of all the people are united. It is no secret that the people of Maharashtra take pride in their diverse culture.

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