Kerala: The Land of Cultural Diversity


Kerala is one of the major tourist attractions as well as the best honeymoon destination in India. The land of coconut, Kerala is believed to be a gift of the Arabian Sea. The pride of Kerala is exotic beaches, breathtaking hill stations, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful lagoons, and amazing natural scenarios.

The people of Kerala are most simple and down-to-earth. They like to live in their own world of simplicity and originality. They are known as ‘Malyalees’ or ‘Keralites’ since they are natives of Kerala. The people of Kerala speak Malayalam. They give a lot of importance to education and as a result, the literacy rate is quite high here. Not only modern education is important for them, but the elders make it a point to also offer religious and cultural teachings to their younger generations. The people of Kerala dress very ordinarily. They do not believe in showing off. They are very modest and are content with the quality of life they lead. The mainstay of Kerala’s economy is Agriculture. Tourism and Export are also a significant role in the economy of this South Indian state.

Particular About Their Health

Regarding food, they are very particular about their health and make sure they have a healthy and balanced diet. They seek mental satisfaction more than materialistic pleasures. Women dress up in the traditional unique attire called Set Mundu, which is somewhat similar to a sari and worn over a blouse. It requires draping skillfully. Men mostly wear white Mundu (dhoti) with a shirt or a cotton “lungi” (a sarong-like dress) with a towel on top. The men in cities wear pants and shirts, and the women wear saris. The younger generation has become quite fashionable and wears everything from jeans to Salwar Kameez.

The Cultural Heritage Of Kerala

The cultural heritage of Kerala is its arts, festivals, and dresses. Hindu, Christian, and Islam religions are found in Kerala and Malayalam is the local language of Kerala. Indian elephants are given a prestigious place in the state culture of Kerala. Kathakali and Mohiniyaattam are the traditional art of dance in Kerala.

The Keralites are also very progressive in terms of cleanliness, healthcare, and physical quality of life. Most people are conversant in English and make it a point that their kids receive education at least till the primary level. Kerala’s culture is an integral part of Indian culture. The people of Kerala are very protective of their religion and ancient practices, rituals, and traditions. They are proud of their culture and will go to any length to preserve them. The lifestyle of Keralites is uncomplicated and they seem happy and content with the simple pleasures of life. Kerala showcases a culture unique to itself, which is developed through accommodation and assimilation of various faculties of civilized lifestyle.

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