Why is cleanliness important in life?


Cleanliness is to cleanse the heart, mind, body, spirit, and surroundings. It’s the most important feature of our life. It protects us from diseases, thus we can say it’s the basis of our life. Cleanliness determines the nature of human beings, their lifestyle, and their psychology. In daily life, we should be aware of cleanliness and keep our children clean too. 

To cleanse the surroundings is a mandatory step.

The cleanliness of the places where we live and work should be inserted into our habits and should also teach our children to understand the importance of cleanliness. If you do not take care of your surroundings then mosquitoes, flies, and a variety of insects will take place and your body will become a residence for diseases. 

Tall grown grass also alarms the danger of snakes and scorpions. Do not let the garbage be near houses and roads. People instead of being responsible say that it’s the responsibility of government officials to provide cleaning services. As a result, we see a lot of garbage heaps everywhere on roads and in residential places, it emits poisonous gases which produces mosquitoes, flies, and other dangerous insects. 

Until we don’t understand the importance of cleanliness clearly, we cannot be called civilized. Today, more than 70% of people use open areas like toilets and this dirty act generates a tremendous amount of severe diseases. Good health demands better cleansing of the body. It is known that dirt and disease enter the body together.

Some people don’t take environmental cleanliness as a serious matter.

Wherever they live, scattered dirt is found. They need to change their behavior and lifestyle. Cleanliness is directly related to clothes and diet. Make sure the cleansing of kitchen things and eating pots. Cover the cooked dishes and always wash fruits and vegetables before using them. Always pour the water into clean pots and cover it. Dirty clothes are residential areas for bacterias, so always use clean clothes. 

Take care of your body by the daily bath. Cut your nails to get rid of the dirt that collects around them and produces harmful diseases. Always wash your hands with soap before eating anything. 

Just like the cleanliness of a house is the responsibility of the household, the cleanliness of the outside is the responsibility of society. And we all are part of society. So, keep clean your environment. 

Promote the awareness of cleanliness by educating people about its importance. Knowledge is the only thing that purifies us from mental and intellectual pollution. So, spiritual cleanliness needs our thoughts to be clear and clean. 

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