Points To Muse Over While Visiting Goa for the First Time

Visiting Goa for the First Time

Make sure that you follow all of the traffic rules while driving in Goa. Goans are very good at this and you are expected to do the same.

Be prepared to see a very different culture especially if you hail from Central and North India. This is because of the Portuguese influence on this state.

Always remember that you should wear body-covering clothes while visiting a Church or a temple in Goa.

Although Goa is famous for drinking and partying but do remember that Goans don’t do that on a daily basis. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are with Goans.

Do remember that you should avoid honking as much as you can when you’re driving in Goa.

Do not bargain when you’re shopping in Goa, as Goa imports all its items from other states.

Never ever tease or stare at foreigners when you are in Goa, as they are a very big source of business and revenue for Goans.

Do not throw flowers, fruits, or anything else in the water even if you are doing that for religious purposes.

Do not feel awkward when you see people drinking at beaches, couples hanging around especially homosexual couples, women in bikinis, etc. Goa has a very liberal and open culture as compared to other Indian states.

Do not get perplexed if you do not find food of your choice. Goa has a quite different cuisine which has a Portuguese shadow.

At the point when individuals consider, they’re likely pondering long, sandy seashores, yet a significant part of the state is additionally covered by woodland.

Around 20% of the land in the state falls into the lovely Western Ghats of India, a tremendous mountain reach and treasury of biodiversity.

The timberlands here are abounding with outlandish untamed life, including Indian monster squirrels, mongoose, Slender Loris, Indian macaques, and sloth bears

Goa is broadly known as India’s party area and is visited by a large number of sun-chasing vacationers every year.

The state has satisfied famous interest, with near 7,000 bars across the state to browse – and a lot of modest liquor. North Goa is by and large more enthusiastic, albeit South Goa has something reasonable of seashore parties as well.

This is the littlest state in India . Covering a space of 1,429 square miles۔ it’s just somewhat greater than Devon, yet has a coastline that stretches for 99 miles.

This isn’t to imply that that the state has a limited quantity of attractions and what should be done; indeed, it’s a remarkable inverse

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