Mauritius: A guide to Etiquettes

Mauritian Culture

Mauritius is a free island country situated in the Indian Ocean off the shoreline of east Africa. Mauritian culture, language, and history have been fundamentally molded by cooperation among colonizers and non-colonizers on the islands. Today, Mauritius is one of the richest and most thickly populated nations in Africa. Now and again known as the “Rainbow Island”, Mauritius is perhaps the most different island nation.

For sure, there is a continuous conversation regarding whether the numerous particular societies on the island have mixed or keep on excess in their different structures while associating discontinuously. In any case, the variety of convictions, cooking styles, celebrations, and dialects is a wellspring of pride.

Mauritian Culture

When you’re visiting a mosque in Mauritius, make sure that you remove all leather items like shoes, belts, etc.

Try to eat everything that is served in front of you while you’re at someone’s place. It is considered very polite.

Instead of wearing short clothes, opt for somebody covering stuff. Miniskirts and short dresses are not acceptable there.

Be prepared for physical contact during communication. Mauritians generally do that.

Take care of personal space while having a conversation, as Mauritians usually keep an arm’s distance while talking to someone.

Don’t hesitate to tip when you get a good service, as tipping is welcomed in Mauritius.

Never gift anything made up of pork or alcohol to Muslim Mauritians and that from leather or cow to Hindu Mauritians.

Do not use fingers for beckoning, use your palm instead.

Do not drive on right if you’ve rented a car in Mauritius. Use the left side of the road like the UK.

Do not use your left hand for eating or passing something on the dining table.

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