10 Superb Ways for you that will Help you Embrace the Turkish Culture

Turkish Culture

Be punctual in both formal and informal settings, punctuality is really important in Turkey.

Leaving even a small portion of food on your plate is not acceptable. Therefore, make sure you eat all that is served to you.

While greeting people, always greet elders first to give respect to them. You can also kiss their hands and touch your forehead with them.

You’re expected to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home. Make sure you do it!

Use ‘Bay’ for Sir and ‘Hanim’ for Ma’am after their first names to address people.

Never make the ‘OK’ sign in Turkey unless you want to tell someone that they are homosexual.

Avoid bringing wine to your host’s place, as most of the Turks are Muslims and therefore, they do not consume alcohol.

Do not ever point your finger or the sole of your shoe at someone, it is considered very rude in Turkey.

Turks love to have some physical contact, therefore, do not feel offended if people touch you a little while having a conversation.

Do not feel bad if people look or stare at you. It’s just that Turks love to look at people.

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