The Long Love that In my thought I Harbor

The Long Love that In my thought I Harbor

Introduction to Poem: The Long Love that In My Though…

This poem “The Long Love that In my thought I Harbor” is a prominent poem written by a famous English poet Sir Thomas Wyatt. In this article, we are going to make a critical analysis of this poem.

Critical Analysis of Poem

The poet had been keeping the thought of his beloved for a long time his ‘mind and heart so much so that the same has taken its permanent residence at his face. It has made a camp there and put/fixed its flag outside it to show its own sovereign rule there. The poet claims to learn love and suffering from his beloved. She wishes to keep within limits the faith of ‘the poet as well as his negligence or carelessness in handling his intense desire for love. And, she wishes to keep these things restraining him through reason, shame, and respect. She also seems to be displeased with the ability of the poet to withstand adverse conditions. For example:

The long love that in my thought I harbour,
And in mine heart doth keep his residence,
Into my face presseth with bold pretence,
And therein campeth with bold pretence

Ending lines…

تحليل قصيدة the long love that in my thought: It is because of that strange reason that love has now hidden in the forest of the heart. It has left (or. is leaving. its original task with pain and suffering. What can the poet do now? What course of action should he take for himself now? When his master is fearing, what else can he do except being with his master faithfully? So he is with the master. He is going to live as well as die in the service as the most humble and faithful servant because the life of faithfulness is the real and desired good life!

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