A Poet of Science – Zeshan Sajid

Zeshan Sajid is one of those Pakistani poets whose poetry is embodied with a futuristic touch, but when collective analysis of his poetry reveals that it has a unique individuality that separates him from other young Urdu poets of his era. 

This individuality is composed of scientific thought and scientific process in an imperceptible manner that even the readers cannot feel odd or virtualization while reading the couplets. He relates his scientific thoughts with nature and clicks on the emotions of readers. In Urdu poetry, a lot of literature has been written on the topics of politics, love, and beauty by various popular and young poets, thus such topics are leaving less probability to produce something new out of them. On the other side, the scientific approach in Urdu poetry opens new doors of possibilities as nobody has done wholeheartedly in this field. 

Currently, Shahid Makli, Muzdam Khan, and Rafi Raza are some of the prominent names which are promoting scientific understanding in literature and perform successful experiments. As Zeshan Sajid is attached to the field of Technology and promotes scientific literature through different newspapers, blogs, and social media, his technical knowledge is excessive and depicted in his poetry. Two couplets for example:

Khojna Hai To Kabhi Khoj Nizam e Qudrat
Khelna hai To Kabhi Arz o Samawaat Se Khel
Mene Football Pe Focus Nahi Rakha Zeeshan
Jaari Andar Bhi Mere Thay Barhi Bohtaat Se Khel

In the first couplet, we can see the scientific complex which is vastly visible in various couplets. In the next complex, a modern poetic touch can be seen with a nice individualistic approach. Both couplets are full of rhythm and fruit of thought. A couplet from another ghazal:  

Zameen Ghoom K Sooraj Ki Samt Morhnay Lagi
Sunaai Dene Laga Hai Prindgaan Ka Shor

In this couplet, the iconoclasm to Urdu literature is depicted. In Pakistani and Hindustani literature and commonly spoken languages, the sun rises and sets but scientifically it’s not true. According to scientific studies, the sun doesn’t rise or fall, but this is Earth which revolves around the sun and round its position toward the sun to make a specific earthly region day or night. The chirping of birds is a sign of morning here. 

By successful practices of portraying the relation of daily life and science in a poetic way

The scientific landscaping of this thought is mindblowing but it’s not that easy. Usually, by doing so, a couplet could slip away from traditional literary trends and become an odd thing completely emotionless. But, Zeshan uses tricky wording combinations to convert even a materialistic thought into a couplet full of emotions. 

Yaqeen Ne Bhool Bhulayon Me Gum Kia Mujhko
Shakook Unko Manaazil Pe Chorh Kar Aaye

If you are a science man, you cannot just believe in things because everyone else believes. You will have to dig out reality by analysis and experiments, which is known as the scientific way. In this way, beliefs don’t work, only guides are doubts. If scientific research is conducted on the basis of beliefs then it’s a failure. The same thought is depicted from the above-stated couplet in a fabulous manner. 

Zeshan, through his rare imaginations and unique creativity in poetry, is being popular day by day on social media. No doubt he has become a modern poet in the poetic scenario. Let see the last couplet of a ghazal:

“Qudrat K Barkhilaf Thay Zeeshan Sabhi Yahan
So Sher Aap Apni Fana Tak Pohonch Gya”

“Qudrat” or “Nature” is a multi-meaning word, having generality to be used in a broad canvas. When we explore nature with the reference of science, then nature is a sort of divine sense for a naturalist. This divine being impacts major effects on daily life routine. This couplet describes the destruction of nature caused by human beings, and in return, nature is becoming inhabitable for human beings. Here, the poet has beautifully explained this phenomenon in a most peculiar style. 

There are different couplets in which Zeshan Sajid has described scientific phenomena but also attached psychology of life and lifetimes of people. For example, this couplet:

Aik Bhi Lehr Palat Kr Na Nazar Tk Aayi
Aaina Mujhse Manaazir Ko Chupaane Laga Hy

Now, when we consider the landscape painting of this couplet, we end up with a scientific vision. Waves collide with the mirror hence not coming back to the eyes of the observer. But what does it mean? Nonsenseness of the world, materialistic environment and emotionless creations have surrounded the poet. The poet is unattended by anything. Maybe someone has described this topic in such a fantastic way. Let us look into two more couplets of the same ghazal which are also baked with science:

Aalam e Gheb Ka Tha Aik Wo Hisa Kal Tk
Aaj Aankhon Ko Jo Meri Nazar Aane Laga Hy

Sary Zraat Ki Bunyaad Hen Lehren Zeeshan
Saara Maahol Kisi Taal Pe Gaanay Laga Hy

The area of the universe which has not yet been explored is called “gheb” in the Urdu language. When the unknown becomes known, then it can’t be called “gheb”. It’s the description of the first couplet. Let’s move to the second one. All the universal elements consist of electrons dancing along with their energy bands, and when we see these atoms in a broad perspective, we feel that all electronics, protons, energy bands, and atoms are dancing in a rhythm. This is a unique thinking and rare thought produced by poetry. But the property is that Zeshan has not used difficult words and explained the scientific phenomena in a relieved manner. But it doesn’t mean that Zeeshan has not used technical words in his poetry.  But the goodness is that despite using technical terms in poetry, they feel sound and easy to digest. For example:

Tumhara Chehra Hy Chaand Aur Chaand Hy Byabaan
Mre Badan K Tamaam Tr Molecule Matti

Ham Wo Pahiye Jo Agar Saath Braabar Na Chalay
Aik Meter Bhi Ye Gaarhi Nahin Chalne Waali

Here, molecule word is used as the last rhythmic “qafya” but as we see that there is no replacement of molecule word in the Urdu language. When we study the history of the Urdu language, we get that this language is built up by foreign and local languages. It accepts new words from other languages, and gradually leaves behind the old words which are mostly from other languages too. So, the word “meter” is an English word but is commonly used in the Urdu language. Meter is a unit of distance by a car, we have no replacement for this unit in the Urdu language. The Urdu language always has the capacity to easily accept foreign language words. In this way, it has evolved and maximized its diction. 

The literary voyage of Zeshan Sajid is full of intellectuality and knowledge. Despite being a controversial figure in the poetic gatherings and literary environment of Pakistan, he has produced quality literature. By his nature, he cannot fit into the literary divisions and groups as they are narrowed, limited, and have political influence across the people of Urdu literature. In today’s era, poets are being born like mushrooms. Now it’s not enough to just be a poet to win the race of literature, but it needs politics and references too. 

On the same social media, Zeshan Sajid produces one or two ghazals in a duration of a month but full of quality. He has a very limited appearance in gatherings of poets. His readers love him, respect him, and hope more. Zeshan should continue his literary journey at the same pace. 

This article is written by Ahmad Jahangir

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