When I went to meet Bollywood star, Rekha

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When I went to meet Bollywood star Rekha

Writer: Safi Sarhadi
Translator: Zainab Khan

It was a few days before I left for Mumbai that at our weekly gathering at Qissa Khawani Bazar, a friend of mine who is a doctor by profession, promised me that when you go to Mumbai you definitely go to see Rekha and when you face it then you will definitely embrace it. I was emotional at the time and said, “Okay, I promise I’ll hug Rekha,” but he insisted, “If you meet Rakhi, don’t hug her, because I can’t stand it, because Rakhi is my current choice but Rekha has been my old choice .

These doctor friends of mine are fans of film star Rakhi Gulzar. When I was preparing to go to Mumbai, he also wanted to go to Mumbai and see Rakhi Gulzar, the Rakhi whose health and cheeks, Dr. Sahab has given her the love name “Gulab Jamun”. His mother fell ill,  so it was not possible for him to go to Mumbai. He is a fan of Rakhi. It so happened that this doctor friend of mine had asked me to watch “Ijazat”. After watching this movie, Rekha captivated me with her magic.

What love is there for movie stars? I love Dilip Kumar so much that time knows. The limit is that I wish to meet him that I visited Mumbai India in June   2014. Dilip Kumar’s love for his place, my team, the place he belongs to, belongs to no one else, but Rekha initially introduced me to the film “Ghar”, “Umrao Jaan”, “Silsila”, and later the film “Ijazat”, very impressed, so I added Rekha to the list of artists I long  to meet.

The days when I went to Mumbai to meet Dilip Kumar. One of these days, Haji Ali was at the shrine. I sat on the stairs for a while, relaxing from the noise of the sea, while I usually don’t like noise. There I immersed myself in the saltwater of the sea. After that, the intention was to go to Shahrukh Khan’s house in Bandra. Talking to a taxi driver, he put plastic on top of the seat to prevent it from getting wet, which he probably kept for wet riders like us .

I was also crazy about Shahrukh Khan in my childhood. Unfortunately, when I arrived at Shahrukh’s house in the morning to pray, I was told that Shahrukh stays up all night shooting movies and falls asleep in the morning. When he wakes up in the afternoon, he shows a glimpse of himself from the roof of the house. Bandra stays in Shahrukh Khan’s neighborhood where the big movie stars live. The security guard at Shahrukh’s house told me to come in the afternoon. There was no question of staying till noon, my comrades were waiting for me in the dark east. We had to go somewhere else from there. I still had time, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get closer to what happened to ‘Barfi’, i.e. Rekha’s house. The door of Rekha’s house is scary, on which many scary shapes are made from the woodwork. Rekha was at home but look at me a 22-year-old black boy, standing on the shore of the river, ran up to me and asked, “what’s the matter”. (Bollywood star, Rekha)

It turned out that the boy in the shape of the door of Rekha’s house was a security guard. I introduced myself and said that I am a big fan of Rekha, you would be very kind if you would tell Rekha that someone has come from so far to meet you. The boy started at me from head to toe and said.

No matter where you come from. We will not let you meet. Madan restricted us.

I said reluctantly, “If you tell Rekha , she will get it. She is very good.

“Yes we know good she is,” said black. Now you go He said clearly, we will not allow you meet.

Due to Pathan’s brain, the security guard at Shahrukh Khan’s house was already hot and now he wanted to tighten his grip on his rival but after controlling his anger, I decided to move out. By the way, I am not afraid of anyone, I would have subdued this boy, it would not have caused a commotion because of me. So you can understand my compulsion. Anyway, I was just a few steps away when a car came to Rekha’s house, and I ran to her. A drunken and charming woman with a boy’s haircut got out of the car. I thought that ma’am must be Rekha’s friend. Thought I’d talk to her. I made this request but she apologized and went to Rekha’s house. It was later learned that he was Rekha’s secretary. (Bollywood star, Rekha)

Well, it was a pity not to meet her even after so close to her ‘Barfi’ but after thinking of one or two things, the regret is lessened. One thing is that the battery of my cell phone had run out, from which I could take a picture. Now, if Rekha met me, who would have believed me, who would have believed that I had met Rekha? It is better that  I go to the doctor and tell him that I could not meet Rekha. After, failing to meet Rekha, Bandra Dark East would return to the office of her beloved film writer Sagar Sarhadi with whom I had stayed, where friends were waiting. I kept trying to alleviate my grief by thinking that there was nothing that Rekha did not meet. What promise to Dr. Friend, that I will hug Rekha, could not be fulfilled, but what is my fault in this. Now you tell me if I get a hug in my wet pants and shirts, then that’s it.

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