Love that Doth Reign by Surrey – Critical Analysis and Summary

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The poem “Love that Doth Reign” is a translation of an Italian sonnet written by Petrarch. It embodies an aspect of the love, love that is rebuked by the beloved. Love that was tried to win the favours of the beloved has imprinted itself at the lover’s face. It has clad itself in armour and put its flag of ownership at the face/head o the poet. But the beloved has proved to be shamefaced and obstinate enough as not to bother even now about the poor lover. So, the love that has been lying in wait in the self of the poet has now hidden it from there. It had concealed itself in the very heart of the poet because the beloved has changed his smiling grace and beauty into anger.

Critics: Love that Doth Reign

The poet, Surrey, is not a coward and he is brave and steadfast, so he is not going to leave his old standpoint. He will die in love, for dying in love is sweet for him. Love is his master and he is not going to disobey and be faithless to his aster. He is ready to sacrifice his life in love. The poem is a strong protest on the part of the lover/poet against the shamefaced and obstinate behaviour of the sweetheart. It is a sort of natural outburst of powerful emotion; by the poet when he finds it difficult to get a positive and steadfast response of his love by his beloved.

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