Wyatt Resteth Here – Critical Analysis and Summary

Wyatt Resteth Here Poem Analysis Surrey

In the poem “Wyat Resteth Here”, the poet Surrey has given expression to his feelings of loss at the death of such a great personality “Thomas Wyatt”. He feels surprised as to how a fellow (Wyatt) as quick as mercury could rest and be peaceful. Also, He was a fellow who had got innumerable gifts from God and with the help of these gifts her served humanity as well as his native country. He had deep routed virtue and owned ripe wisdom. It was through his wisdom that he was profiting from his country almost daily. He had a personality that envisaged softness and severity at one and the same time. He always hated evil and loved virtue. And, he had a personality that would stand upright in the moments of upheavals and disturbances.

Wyatt Resteth Here : Explained

He also worked as an envoy of the king and went to different countries on diplomatic missions for him. He was also a poet and brought poetry out of the fake and hypocritical realm into the world o genuine and true-life feelings, emotions and sentiments. And, he had a great critical eye whose judgement and final decision nobody could challenge. He had no craftiness or guile but he could allure his friends and reconcile his enemies by his oily statements of wisdom. He was a dauntless and courageous fellow and know the art of speaking the truth even in the face of cruel dictators and despots. In his personality were mixed in a beautiful and proportionate manner power as well as prettiness. He lived a happy life in spite of the fact that he had made many enemies out of his outright and steadfast behaviour.

It seems to Surrey that Wyatt was the most individual fellow. He was made, or rather cast, by nature through a special mould which has, after that, been misplaced or lost as such. So, as a result, no such other person would ever be born with the qualities and characteristics of Wyatt in him. He embodied a faith that would be envious of Christ. He had arrived at making the general society happy and healthy but the society did not get the full benefit from him. Perhaps it was at fault to recognise him completely.

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