Points You Must Know Before Moving To Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Be prepared to see a lot of educated and English-speaking peeps when you come to Uttar Pradesh. Unlike common perception, UP is not totally uneducated people’s land.

Keep in mind that the people of UP are very hospitable and helpful. Therefore, be very nice when you meet them.

Always remember that people may use ‘hum’ (we) instead of ‘main’ (me) to refer to themselves in some parts of UP.

Do remember that Uttar Pradesh is the most populated Indian state and there is a vast variety of cultures in it. Therefore assuming that UP has a uniform culture would be wrong.

Do not get confused when it comes to the language of UP. The tone and dialect in Uttar Pradesh change after every 50kms.

Do not feel offended if people talk to you in ‘Khari Boli, as it may seem rude sometimes. That’s not actually rude but their accent seems so to other people.

Don’t forget that addressing people by ‘Behenji’ (sister) or ‘Bhaiyaji’ (brother) is a way of giving respect.

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