We have Brought 10 Ways which Help in not Offending Northeasterner


Always remember that not all Northeasterners are of Mongolian descent. Therefore, don’t ever ask questions like ‘why don’t you look like a Northeasterner?’, as it is really offensive.

Be prepared for just two meals in a day when you’re in Mizoram. Since breakfast and dinner are heavy, people don’t do a proper lunch there.

Try to visit the Northeast between April to September, as their festivals are celebrated at this time of the year and you can have a deeper look at their culture.

Be very polite while talking to people. Northeasterners are usually very calm, humble, and well-behaved people.

Try to speak a little bit of their language, even if you use the translation app, as it creates a lot of comforts for the local people to interact with you.

Don’t be loud while talking to the local folks. Usually, Northeasterners are quiet and soft-spoken people.

There is a vast diversity of cultures within the Northeast as well, therefore, do not express shock when you come across different cultures.

Do not carry liquor when you’re going to Mizoram, Nagaland, or Manipur. It is restricted there and if you’re caught, it may turn into an unpleasant experience.

Do not stare at tribal people even if you find them astonishing, as the locals may get offended by your gesture.

Do not feel awkward or bad if you see couples showing PDA. Unlike many other Indian states, the Northeast has a very open culture when it comes to interaction between opposite sexes.

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