Things Every North Indian should Know Before Visiting South India

South India

Be considerate over following the rules when you’re in the South. Giving some bucks as bribery to the policemen won’t ease your trouble.

Always remember that eating food with your hands is a part of their culture. Although it is often discouraged in the North it is totally acceptable in the South.

Be punctual and energetic when you’re working in the South. People in the South are more enthusiastic and ardent.

Always think twice before you speak to South Indians. They are very polite people therefore, you should adopt that too.

Feel free to say yes if someone is offering help to you. People are very helpful there and they do not try to exploit the outsiders.

Do not expect a big fat wedding when you’re in the South. You will not find spendthrifts there when it comes to weddings, as they keep it simple.

Do not feel surprised when you see people wearing their traditional dress. You might not find a lot of people wearing traditional clothes in the North, but this is totally acceptable in South India.

Don’t assume a girl wearing a bindi is a married one. Wearing bindi is a tradition in the South that is followed by both married and unmarried women.

Never judge a person by his/her looks and dressing style when you’re in South India. People here are very down-to-earth and live a very simple life.

Say ‘No’ to asking anyone’s caste in the South. People don’t even have the name of their caste in their surnames. They use their father’s names instead.

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