Moving to Orissa? Here are some tips for you!


Orissa is an intersection of the Aryan. Dravidian and Adivasi societies. Most celebrations in the state draw out some piece of these societies and praise their religion via celebrations which range out the whole year. There are celebrations that are normal. The festival stays remarkable to an area.

Always remember that addressing people by ‘bhaina’ is very common in Odia culture. It means ‘elder brother’ and is a way of showing love and respect to people.

Be prepared to witness a lot of festivals when you’re in Odisha, as it has a very rich culture. They celebrate 13 festivals in 12 months.

Do remember that when an Odiya says ‘Agya’ it means ‘yes’. It is frequently used by the people of Odisha.

Do take care of the thing that Odias rarely use slang therefore, make sure you don’t use them either when you’re in Odisha.

Make yourself ready to have a lot of food when you’re going to someone’s place. Oriyas are very hospitable people and they welcome their guests in the most amazing way.

Do not get confused by the language of Odisha. There are eight variations of  Odia (native language), which change according to the region.

Never call Rasgullah a Bengali dish. Calling it a Bengali dish might offend Orissa people.

Don’t act in a surprising way when you see people removing their footwear when they pass through a temple. It is a way of showing respect to their God.

Never ever talk harshly with people of Odisha, as they are very calm, humble, down-to-earth folks who try to avoid an argument at their best.

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