Know Before You Go – The Greece Guide

The Greece Guide

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with a large number of islands all through the Aegean and Ionian oceans. Compelling in old occasions, it’s regularly called the support of Western development. Athens, its capital, holds tourist spots including the fifth century B.C. Acropolis fortification with the Parthenon sanctuary. Greece is likewise known for its sea shores, from the dark sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

Instead of nodding your head, say “Yes” for affirmation. It is more polite!

Instead of leaving a portion of food on your plate, inform your hostess so that she can remove extra food.

Show a thumbs up instead of an OK sign when you’re in Greece, as the latter is considered vulgar.

If you’re visiting an Orthodox Church in Greece, always light the candles.

Hey ladies! Keep your love for high heels aside when you’re visiting ancient sites in Greece. It’s banned there.

Never make ‘Moutza’, showing five spread fingers with the palm facing out above face level, as it is considered offensive there.

Say ‘No’ to your ripped outfits when you’re going to visit a holy place. Grab your full clothes instead!

Try not to drive when you’re in Greece or at least do yourself a favor of getting an automatic car.

You don’t need to be shy when you’re in Greece, as Greeks are mostly extroverts. They love exchanging their views!

Don’t feel offended if they spit after complimenting you. It’s a way to escape from the evil eye!

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