Things to Know Before You Go to Delhi


Try to bargain while shopping in local markets in Delhi. It is literally okay to bargain here and will surely save many bucks of yours.

Always be humble, patient, and polite while visiting Delhi, as you will be able to enjoy the city at its best in this way.

Be more considerate about the traffic rules when you’re driving in Delhi. Traffic rules have become more strict in the past few years and you may end up losing a big amount as fine.

Make sure that you use the metro as public transport while traveling in Delhi. It is the most economical and comfortable transport here.

Delhi represents the Indian diversity in the correct way therefore, no matter from which Indian state you are, and there are ample chances of meeting people of your state.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re in trouble in Delhi. Although life here is very fast as compared to other states but you will find people to help you.

Don’t forget to search a little for the type of cuisine you want to have when you’re in Delhi, as being a foodies’ paradise, you will find everything here.

Do not get worried if you face load shedding in Delhi, especially in the summer. That has become very minimal now but may happen sometimes.

Don’t forget to take care of your belongings while traveling on public transport in Delhi.

Do not get shocked when you feel extremely cold in winters and super-hot in summers. The weather here ranges from very hot to very cold according to the seasons.

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