9 Amazing Things about Gujarati Culture that are Worth Knowing

Gujarati Culture

Always keep in mind that there is a liquor ban in Gujarat therefore, you cannot get a drink easily there.

Do remember that whenever a Gujarati adds Bhai/Ben (brother/sister) to your name, it is nothing but a way of giving respect to you.

Instead of calling people from Gujarat ‘Gujju’, call them Gujarati, as they love it.

Do respect whenever someone says “Jai Shri Krishna” or “Jai Jitendra”, as it is a way of greeting people in Gujarat.

Gujaratis love to do the Garba (a famous dance of Gujarat) at their parties and celebrations. Join them when you are at a party in Gujarat.

Do not hesitate if a Gujarati is offering Thepla (a famous snack of Gujarat) and pickle to you. It’s absolutely fine to accept the offer, as Gujarati people love sharing food.

Never call anyone from Gujarat ‘miser’. It’s not really true and might be offensive to some people.

Do not assume that everyone from Gujarat is a businessman and is super-rich. Just like other states, people are indifferent fields also.

Don’t think that all the dishes from Gujarat are sweet. A lot of people love eating sweet dishes in Gujarat but it can’t be generalized for everyone.

Do not assume that every Gujarati has incorrect pronunciations. They just have a different accent just like people from other states have.

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