Understanding Different Eye Surgery Instruments

When we talk about basic medical equipment that is used in eye surgery then there is much more than just the traditional eye glasses. In fact, the most common eye problems are due to problems with the eyes. There are different types of eye surgery instruments, and a big portion of the surgeries are performed on the same kind of eye-related devices.

What is a laser?

A laser is what helps in making most of the instruments now. It is mostly used to treat glaucoma, cataracts, and other problems of the eyes. However, some other surgeries make use of lasers such as the Lasik surgery.

Different types of instruments and their uses

The different types of ophthalmological instruments include: LASIK surgery lenses, cataracts, and laser beam intraoral lenses and so on.

Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery requires the use of high-tech instruments. A laser is often used in this type of treatment. You may also see intraocular pressure bandages (IOP), which are used to reduce pressure within the eye and prevent fluid build-up. IOP bandages are often used on patients with cataracts who are having refractive surgery.

  1. In cataracts, the most important eye surgery instruments are the intraocular lens and the laser. The interventional lenses are basically plastic frames that are placed over the eye. It fits behind the cornea and enables a doctor to see clearly. A cataract surgeon is able to get the best outcome when he uses his laser beam intraoral lens. This helps in reducing the glare from light and minimizing skin irritation.
  2. The intraocular pressure (IOP) cataract surgical tools are also used to treat eye diseases. This is a medical condition wherein the fluid behind the cornea hardens and causes the eyeball to bend. To control this condition, the eye doctor will usually use an IOP probe along with a thin metal tube.
  3. There are also a few other eye operations that require eye drops and syringes. These are used to flush out the eye of excess fluid. It is also very essential to drain excess mucus that develops after a cataracts surgery. These syringes and eye drops can be purchased through local pharmacies and over the Internet.
  4. The pressure gauge is another vital device that is used in eye surgeries. This is used to determine eye pressures as well as to monitor eye advancement. As soon as the pressure gauge rises, this means that the patient might need more pressure to prevent any damage to the eyeball. This device is similar to those used in the digital weighing scale.
  5. Other ophthalmologicalinstruments are used in surgical procedures like microsurgical speculum. It is used to remove a small part of the eye or a small structure that is found behind the eye. This particular instrument is used for soft tissue expansion.
  6. Intraoesophageal stents and sclera cups are used in the treatment of glaucoma. It can either be performed inside the eye or outside the eye. An intraocular pressure bandage is placed around the eye for intraocular pressure control. The band is removed once it starts to fall off. This device prevents pressure build-up that usually leads to dry eye syndrome.

Ultra sound machine

Some eye surgery instruments are even used in other parts of the body aside from eye care. For example, ultrasound machines are now commonly used to treat back pain. An ultrasound machine produces sound waves that produce different frequencies that are aimed at different parts of the back. When they hit muscle tissue, the waves trigger the muscle to relax. Similarly, eye pressure bandages work in the same way when it comes to relieving pressure build-up in the eye.

Aside from these, a pressure gauge, a sclera cup, a tiny hook and loop measure, and an eyelid speculum are also frequently used in eye surgeries. Although cataracts surgery involves the use of these types of devices, it is highly recommended that you consult your eye doctor first to know if you are qualified to have one.

The health of your eyes is important and these tools should be considered part of your healthcare package. To learn more about the different types of eye surgery instruments, feel free to visit https://www.opriagroup.com/ 


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