A Guide to treat Northeast Indians

Northeast Indians

Always remember that not all Northeastern’s are non-vegetarians. Just like other states, people have their own preferences of food.

While having a conversation, do take care of the thing that most Northeastern’s are straightforward people.

Unlike people from other Indian states, Northeastern’s are not very loud. Always take care of this while talking to them.

Try to understand the meaning behind their words, as most of the Northeastern has a good sense of humor.

Always keep in mind that Northeastern society gives more freedom and equal opportunities to their girls as compared to other parts of India.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever ask that ‘are you Indian’? Northeast is an integral part of India and this question really offends them.

Do not ask people ‘do they eat dogs?’. Asking this thing sounds very impolite.

Never ever call anyone ‘Chinki’ who is from Northeast India. It is a very derogatory remark.

Do not refer to Northeastern people as ‘Chinese and Nepalis’. They do resemble them a little because of their Mongoli descent, but calling them so offends them.

Do not assume that everyone from the Northeast is a fashionista. Although they love to dress well it is not compulsory for everyone.

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