How to behave when you’re in Rajasthan for the first time!


Always remove your shoes outside when you’re entering someone’s home, unless the host asks you to wear them.

Repeat the words of another person he/she greets you with words like ‘Khamba Ghani’, ‘Ram Ram Sa’, etc.

Follow other people while eating food, most of the foods in Rajasthan are eaten by hands only.

Always remember to dress modestly when you’re in Rajasthan, as it is very hot there and people are traditional too.

Do remember that not everyone in Rajasthan wears traditional attire. There are a lot of people too who dress casually.

While Visiting a temple, never decline the food that is offered to you. You can eat it or share it with others, but denying it is seen as an insult to the deity.

Never forget to cover your head while visiting a religious place. Wear body covering clothes as well. These are seen as a sign of respect.

Do not get offended while talking to people in Rajasthan, as they are known for their straightforward nature.

Never ever eat beef when you’re in Rajasthan, as there is a strict ban on it. Don’t talk about it either.

Do not confuse Rajasthan with ‘Ragistan’ (desert). Rajasthan has a wide range of beautiful places and only one portion consists of desert.

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