Simple Method to Backup G Suite Emails

Backup G Suite Emails

G Suite is trendy cloud-based service, and it is being used globally. It has the complete suite, including Google Drive (cloud storage to save data), shared calendars, video meetings, online document editing, and more. Taking the backup G suite emails can save your crucial data from any future mishap. Few manual methods are available on the internet to perform this task, but these methods can be challenging for most users, so users must take a secure way to perform this task. In this write-up, we will introduce users to the simple method to back up G suite emails in a bit of time. And we will also discuss the reasons why users perform the backup of G suite mailboxes.

Why do we need to back up G Suite Emails?

  • To make data easily accessible and portable to the local storage.
  • In the prevention of the data from accidental deletion.
  • To secure data from malicious attacks.
  • In case of an employee leaves the company.
  • To avoid the risk of data corruption
  • To free some storage in the cloud because the cloud has limited space.

Or it may be other reasons that vary from user to user.

Why is the manual method not preferred by professionals?

The manual method consumes too much time to back up G suite emails, and they have many limitations. Most importantly, it has a high chance of errors, and users can lose their data permanently. The manual method requires technical knowledge to perform the G suite backup task. Users can not add multiple files and take the backup of extensive-size G suite mailboxes. In addition, users must start the process from the beginning if it stops due to interruption. No filter facility is available in the manual method. Moreover, there is a high chance of losing the integrity of the data in the manual process. That’s why professionals always choose third-party software to perform this task.

The simple method to Backup G suite emails?

The simple method for backup G suite mailboxes is that you must perform this task through professional software. Here, we are introducing the best third-party tool that efficiently takes the backup of your data. Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore software performs this task without consuming much time. Moreover, this software allows users to create and run backup jobs concurrently without affecting the speed. Users can Backup G Suite emails in PST and also in other formats. Moreover, this software is expert in maintaining the folder hierarchy without compromising the data.

  • Allows users to take backups in numerous file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX, etc., without compromising the data.
  • There are no restrictions on adding large-size files.
  • Users can also include or exclude files with the filter option of this tool.
  • This software also restores the mailboxes.
  • Enables users to add multiple files at a time.
  • Users can set the limit of the failed file items.
  • Incremental features of this tool prevent the data from duplicity and help users to resume the process where it stopped.
  • Users can schedule the periodic backup to perform the backup tasks timely.
  • It has a user-friendly GUI; every non-technical user also performs this G suite backup task.

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We discussed the simple method to back up G suite emails in this content. We also discussed the professional and the manual way and why every professional prefers third-party software to take backup. Backup G Suite mailboxes become very easy if you use a professional tool. This Shoviv software comes with the fastest speed and makes data backup without consuming too much time. If you want to avoid the manual method’s risk, try this professional tool to perform your backup tasks. A free demo version of this software is available on the official website of Shoviv. Users can download and also process the first 50 items per folder to check the efficiency of this utility.

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