Google Takeout Not Working? How to Backup Gmail Emails?

Google Takeout Not Working? How to Backup Gmail Emails?

Your Google Takeout Not Working? And you are searching for solutions to fix it as soon as possible. Then you need to read this complete article before it’s too late.

In this article we will fix Google Takeout transfer not working and what alternative you will use instead of Gmail takeout to backup Gmail messages.

What is Google Takeout and Why do Users Use it?

If you are an active Gmail user then you already know that Google Takeout is a free service that is provided by Google for their users for archiving the data from various Google platforms such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Contacts, and so on.

Google Takeout enables you to download the data in .zip and .tgz file types. You can download your data based on your suitable size some of the data sizes Google takeout provides you i.e., 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB.

If you download your data in a .zip folder then Zip files can be opened on almost any computer. But if you want to save in .tgz then Additional software may be required to open .tgz files on Windows.

If your Exports were larger than 50GB size will be split into multiple files.

Users use Google Takeout to save their Google Account data from various Google applications, sites, and plateforms. Using Google’s free service.

How to Fix Google Takeout Not Working Error?

Method 1: Follow the Google File Size Limit

In many cases, users exceed the Google file size limit to download bulk Gmail data. Which cause the Gmail Takeout not working error. But for the smooth downloading Google set a limited archive size that is 2GB.

If your data files are larger than 2GB then Google Takeout will divide the data into multiple files of 2GB each during the archive process. But, in case you use .tgz format, then your archive size will be 50GB increased and you won’t worry about getting bulk multiple 2GB files.

Method 2: Sort the files into a single folder

In order to solve this problem, you can move all the files you wish to download into a folder and then download the folder. The zip file will contain the folder and its contents. This method works great on Windows 10 and below, except for Windows Vista.

Method 3: Use an Alternative Solution in Case “Google Takeout Not Working”

To back up multiple Gmail accounts using the Gmail Backup Solution. We mentioned the complete method below. Continue reading.

Situations in Which Google Takeout Failed?

  • Organization association issue: This error occurs when the web network is lost or halted.
  • Back to the Export Process: In case you lost the connection to the web, then there is no chance to continue the export process where you lost the web.
  • File Size Limitations: In case you have years of Gmail data and wanted to backup by Google Takeout. Then there you will face size restrictions.
  • Created Bulk Zip Folders: If you have tons of data and you will save it from Google Takeout then you will get multiple Zip files after export is done.

Common Users Query Related to Google Takeout Error

We posted below some of the common user queries faced by plenty of users when using the Google Takeout service.

User Query

User Query

User Query 3

User Query 4

Best Alternative If Google Takeout Not Working

Many users want to save their Gmail account data in bulk but sudden errors that occur in the Google Takeout cause them to lose the information data. But don’t worry because we have an alternative solution Email Backup and Restore Wizard. That enables you to save tons of Gmail account data in a few seconds without waiting for 2-3 days.

With this tool, you can save Your Gmail account data in multiple formats as per your requirements. Or export Gmail account data to other email clients to free up your Gmail account storage.

Start the backup process without using Google Takeout.

Step by Step Guide in Case Google Takeout Not Working

Download the utility in your computer operating system.

1. Start the toolkit and select the Open option from the top left corner side.

2. Then click the Email Account option and select Add Account option to add a Gmail account.

3. After that enter your Gmail id and password. In case you know your Gmail port number then select “Advanced Settings”.

4. Next, the tool starts uploading your Gmail mailbox data. Preview your Gmail emails.

5. Then select Export Option if you want to export then select any file format to save.

6. After selecting the file format select save in the next window.

As soon as you select the Save option your export process will start. You can view the live Export process.


In this article, we describe what is Google takeout and in which situations Google Takeout failed. In case your Google Takeout doesn’t fix what alternative you can use instead of Google Takeout. We recommend the best tool to backup your Google Takeout emails or Gmail messages without any worry.

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