How to detect a Pseudo Scientist?

Pseudo Scientist

Although science has given us a better understanding of the universe and enlightened human beings about the benefits of modern societies, people still have conflicting feelings about science. They are quick to acknowledge their benefits, but they are also prone to strange things or pseudoscience. We will know about Pseudo Scientist in next some lines…


Pseudo-science disguises itself as science, but when its claims are analyzed, they do not meet scientific scrutiny. A man appreciates the benefits of the scientific age, but he also has a strong desire to find answers to questions that science cannot answer, but pseudo-science will gladly provide.

Sometimes such beliefs are seemingly harmless, but often a pseudo-professional deprives these naive people of their vital items such as time, energy, or money. Most pseudo-science professionals are regular swindlers, but there are also many who believe in these lies themselves, but they also charge you money like them. Unfortunately, some aspects of pseudo-science are not only expensive but can be fatal for those who believe in them. (Pseudo Scientist)

There are parasites in every culture and in every aspect of life that seem to meet the spiritual and miraculous needs of the people, but many times more harm than good for a short time.

The man already has a filter of suspicion regarding the identification of such swindlers. When we deal with someone, contract, or set a price, we are already careful about it. We always make sure that no one deceives us or takes advantage of our lack of knowledge. Everywhere we go we encounter a flurry of ads, but our filter of suspicion separates most of them in the same way that a spam filter on a computer separates junk mail from our email. We follow the slogan “Warn the buyer” in all such cases. However, when it comes to something related to one of our spiritual matters, or a reunion with a loved one who has passed away, we humans immediately stop filtering our doubts and whatever is said. Believe in it (and pay for it) as long as we feel good about it. This is the moment when we have fallen prey to these thugs. If you don’t pay attention, the world is full of cunning people who will take advantage of your naivety and deprive you of money.

Impacts of Education System

Although American citizens enjoy a better standard of living than the rest of the world and have a better education system, many surveys tell us that a large number of Americans still have flying saucers, ESPs, astrology, bugs. Believes in feet, AT, operation, handwriting, and fortune-telling cards. They don’t care how many pools of flying saucers, astrology, psychic powers, etc. have been opened. Perhaps we humans need to believe such things. Then it makes sense why sensible people, who usually do not believe in such superstitions, still fall prey to the operatives who talk about reuniting them with their dead relatives, or why they write columns in astrology.

Begin to read what tells them their future. But it is very difficult to understand how people believe the denial of the Holocaust and claim that the Holocaust never happened and that six million Jews, Gypsies, and other groups were killed. Or how they believe the flying saucers and the kidnappers of the aliens who seem strange to hear but people believe these stories to be true. Or a list of cryptozoology and its non-biological beasts, from the Big Foot to the ET and from the Loch Ness Monster, for which no evidence has ever been found but a large number of people believe it to be true. (Pseudo Scientist)

It seems as if we need to believe in things that are mysterious and the process of secular naturalistic science may not understand it. This is beyond comprehension.
If we want to avoid being deceived and find out who is cheating on us, we need to improve our ability to recognize what is good or bad, or insignificant.

Carl Sagan made a list that could be used to identify the perpetrators. And Michael Schirmer has compiled a list of many lies used by pseudoscientists, so there is no need to repeat these lists here. However, there are other important rules that can help us know when pseudoscientists are cheating on us.

Evidence of extraordinary claims is also extraordinary

This famous sentence by Carl Sagan makes a very important point. General science consists of hundreds of small assumptions that require a little addition to your existing knowledge to test. On the contrary, eccentric, insane scientists or pseudoscientists are known to make big claims about the world and give their own arguments. Although the evidence for UFOs and aliens is uncertain, many believe in them.

They are also present in us and they are convinced that UFOs have landed here and aliens have contacted humans. They are unaware of the fact that such aliens are always found by naive people in the absence of a witness, or that the “physical evidence” of aliens’ landing in the Nevada or Roosevelt area was in fact the result of secret military experiments. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. (Pseudo Scientist)

Make your presence felt by contacting people? Think of our extraordinary network of radar and satellites, we can now find out what is moving in the skies anywhere in the world, but we still do not find any reliable UFO readings. There are simply unconfirmed claims of seeing UFOs from a plane or land, or there are images that have been proven to be fake. Now everyone has a camera in their cell phone, but still, no better picture of them has come to light. In fact, the quality of such evidence is declining even more because now everyone has a camera. It is possible that the aliens visited us, but such extraordinary claims require a higher level of evidence than the general science, while the evidence so far is very unreliable.

Similarly, claims about strange creatures living in remote areas and hiding from the eyes of science are also unusual claims that should have been proved more than the discovery of a new species of insect. Take Lach Nice Monster, for example. We attach great importance to these blurry images (most of which have been proven fraudulent), but all attempts to find Lach Ness have proved futile. No one is ready to answer the difficult question if there is this strange creature in the lodge, how is it living alone?

Some Proofs

Apparently, huge animals like this monster have been living there for many centuries, so there should have been a whole population of them, while no cure for any of them could be found. Believers ignore another geological fact that the Lach Nice area was a glacier valley 20,000 years ago that was covered with ice and that the water in it has just entered the recent interglacial period. So where did that Lach Ness monster live before he got stuck in this area of ​​Lach Ness? And if they are large enough to make a population, then why have they never been found in any other body of water?

Similar claims have been made about Big Foot, Sasquatch in the northwest, Yeti in the Himalayas, or sauropod dinosaurs living in the forests of the Congo. All claims about these creatures are either ineffective or have been proven false, and they should have had a population there so that we can see them that have never been found. We cannot say for sure whether such animals exist or not, but they are so magnificent that their presence demands much better evidence (especially now that the world’s undiscovered dark regions are almost extinct).

The bar of proof is another idea related to the first principle. The job of a plaintiff in court is to present his case ‘beyond any doubt’ in the case of a criminal case and in the case of a civil case in the form of overwhelming evidence, while the defendants Do not have to do anything until the other side has completed its bar proof. In the same way, the extraordinary claims that set aside a large body of knowledge, the burden of proof itself is considerable. (Pseudo Scientist)

The idea of ​​evolution was controversial, and the burden of proof was on showing evolution. Evidence of evolution is now abundant. Therefore, the opponents of evolution now have more proof that they should not point out some problems or some anomalies with the theory of evolution, but they should now prove creation with more evidence. Similarly, the evidence for the Holocaust is overwhelming (many eyewitnesses and victims are still alive and there are many Nazi documents that detail what they did), so deny the Holocaust. The people now have to prove with more evidence that this did not happen.

Stories do not become science from anecdotes

As a ‘storyteller’ animal, man has the potential to be influenced by the stories of ‘witnesses’. Telemarketers are aware that if they get a few celebrities or seemingly sincere customers (actors) to compliment their product or medicine, we will believe them and go out to buy them, despite that. These drugs, etc., have not been properly scientifically researched or have not been FDA certified. One or two such stories from telemarketers will be very convincing, or your neighbor’s experience will be very interesting, but in science (and in other cases too) you need a detailed study to test the claims in which there are a few dozen or hundreds of cases.

In addition, a control group may have been given a placebo instead of a drug, but they may have assumed that they received the original drug (to prove that the drug’s effect was not due to a prescription). Any medicine or product approved by the FDA meets this standard, however the ‘New Age’

The items sold in health food stores would not have been studied in such detail. Whenever they are checked, they have little or no benefits. If you consider the language used in the advertisements of such medicines, you will know that they avoid the terminology of medicine and pharmacology and use such phrases that it is useful for the health of ‘Thai Ride’. Is’, or ‘helps the bladder to function healthily’, etc. (Pseudo Scientist)

Such statements are not valid medical claims, nor do FDA rules apply to them. A large number of scientific studies of such drugs have been carried out, and not only have the majority been found to be useless and a waste of money, but they can sometimes be harmful and even fatal.

Likewise, the UFO, the kidnapping of aliens, or the sighting of a monster are all individual stories. An individual, usually alone, witnessed such an extraordinary event and is convinced that it really happened. However, various studies have repeatedly shown how people can be delusional or have the visual illusion that they are seeing something that does not exist.

When claims are extraordinary that some eyewitnesses have no place in science, they need strong evidence.

Arguments from the authority, and publicity of certificates

Many people use the phrase “authority or expert” to win arguments so that they can silence their opponents. Sometimes they are quoting an expert’s sentence in the subject, but often the sentence is either out of context and does not help their point of view, or that authority is not really an authority. Would As we will see in the next chapters, quote mining is a common problem with creationists. And when you go to the original source and look at the sentence, the sentence they describe is not only out of context, but it is giving a completely different meaning, or the source itself is not very old or reliable.

As Carl Sagan said, no one has full authority, people are experts in various things, but no one is more than authority in a small part of human knowledge.
An important sign of authority in science and research is the degree of PGD. But you don’t need a Ph.D. to do good science, and not all people with a Ph.D. are good scientists. (Pseudo Scientist)

Those of us who have gone through the process of getting this degree know that it is just a sign that we can go through a difficult phase of patience during research and writing a thesis on a very specific topic. It is not a sign that you are more intelligent than others or that you are now more qualified to comment. Because a Ph.D. requires a great deal of focus on a specific subject, many people are actually deprived of the scope of research in other fields of knowledge due to this degree and too much focus on their research.

In fact, it’s very common for people (for example, Creationists, or Alien Kidnappers, or Psychic Power claimants) to display their Ph.D. titles like a badge. If they have), and especially advertise it on the cover of your books and mention it in your biography. They know that this will make their listeners or readers think they are more intelligent and more capable of talking about these topics. This is nonsense.

If the claimant does not have a Ph.D. in the particular subject being discussed, then that degree is irrelevant to the controversy. For example, Duane Gish’s doctorate in biochemistry and Henry Morris’s doctorate in hydraulic engineering. However, both of them obtained their degrees fifty years ago and since they had not worked in these fields for decades, they were not even aware of the new changes taking place in them.

If they talk on the same topics, they can still be heard or accepted, but all their criticism is on fossil records, geology, thermodynamics, etc., of which they have neither experience nor research Nor is there any training. All their knowledge in these subjects (which is evident from reading their books) consists of misquoting the books of the real experts on these subjects who have really worked in these fields. He has never done research on his own, nor has he published anything in the Pierre Review Generals. (Pseudo Scientist)

Because of their degrees, they are no more capable of talking about geology or fossils than they are of being able to fix music theory or cars. But he still pursues his Ph.D. to impress people and intimidate his opponents. The same is true of other creative examples such as Jonathan Sarfati (Physical Chemistry), Michael Behe ​​(Biochemistry), and others. None of these articles provide them with any knowledge of fossils or fossils, nor have these scientists ever published any research in any of the fossils. Therefore, when it comes to fossils, their status is nothing but that of beginners. Similarly, in anthropology and geology, the more eccentric or bizarre the ideas, the more likely they are to write “Ph.D.” on your books.

Is a shrewd geologist who has not written a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal for many years and has been removed from a number of educational institutions in a row, nor does he have any status in a professional organization such as the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology? Yes, he publishes his Ph.D. prominently on all his books and features it in his lectures (which are very popular among the people).

On the other hand, real scientists never hide their degrees on the covers of their books or list their degrees in a scientific article. If you have any doubts about this, go to your local bookshop and check the science section. The importance of research should be highlighted in its own right, not in the name of the authority and the standard of practice. For most scientists, highlighting their degrees is actually a warning sign. If an author writes a Ph.D. on the cover of his book, read the contents of that book carefully.

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