Understanding Education Science and Its Concepts

, Understanding Education Science and Its Concepts

The definition of science education cannot be separated from two combined words, namely science and education. The notion of science is knowledge about a field which is systematically arranged according to certain methods, which can be used to explain certain phenomena in that field (knowledge). (Big Indonesian Dictionary – Balai Pustaka). While the notion of education is the efforts that are deliberately chosen to influence and help children with the aim of improving science, body and morals so that they can gradually lead the child to his highest goals. So that the child lives happily, and all what he does is beneficial for himself and society. (Mahmud Yunus)

Thus the notion of education is a collection of knowledge that is systematically arranged by having certain scientific methods to investigate, reflect on the symptoms of assistance or education given by “adults” to people who are “immature” to achieve maturity in order to prepare himself for a life that is meaningful to himself, society and his Creator. Read Also Teknik Pengumpulan Data

Concept of Education Science

Science education discusses the process of mutual adjustment between humans and humans and nature as a regular development and improvement of all moral, intellectual, and physical potentials. Education is a conscious effort to prepare students through guidance, teaching and or training activities by the educator towards the educated in terms of physical and spiritual development towards the formation of the main personality in the future.

Education Science is a system of knowledge about education obtained through research which is presented in the form of educational concepts. These educational concepts are none other than based on experience which are systematically organized into a unit, namely the so-called conceptual scheme. Thus the content of the Science of Education, is formed from elements in the form of concepts about educational variables, and parts in the form of conceptual schemes about the components of education.

Thus the concept of education is knowledge that talks about problems related to education which have a basic concept of educational requirements as a science, namely:

  1. Has a good object of study both material objects and formal objects
  2. Have a systematics
  3. Has a method

Science education aims to provide information or information about the basics of education in various situations or educational interactions, pathways and types of education levels to equip students to achieve a better cultured and independent life in the future. Providing information in the sense of explaining the problems, causes and possibilities of seeking and providing provision for educators in educating their children or the next generation (FIP-UPI Education Science Development Team, Part 4, 2007).

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