What is Web Development & Future of the Web Design Industry?

web design

Web development refers to the entire programming or development tasks for building a website. Since websites play a crucial role in helping a brand expand its reach, building a website is a must for any brand or enterprise for that you can ask web development company India for your future endeavors. 

Website design and development is not static as it continues to evolve with new features, functionalities, technologies, and tools. For instance, earlier the key skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were enough to build a website with modern features. Now we have React, Flutter, Vue, NodeJS, and several other advanced technologies for web development. It would be a good Idea to choose and Learn  a good web development course which covers all the advanced technologies, as it would give a great mileage in terms of job opportunities in the coming years.

On the other hand, traditional websites tend to embrace more mobile-centric design to deliver an app-like look and feel. We now have Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as the cutting edge technology to provide a web experience with several app-like features. 

So, web design and development is continuously evolving and this is why it is important to assess the most important trends shaping the modern web.

Voice Command

Voice command extending the artificial intelligence implementation became a key web technology now. While voice input for years was nothing new it was actually an underperforming technology with the majority of voice input devices being very expensive. But in recent times voice input devices became part of a major trend. Across a multitude of smartphone apps and web apps, voice commands have become active components.  Now with voice command, one can call Uber, or tell YouTube to play a video, or tell Amazon to make a purchase. 

Voice input as the most advanced and trending web feature to enhance user experience is continuing to get popular. At the same time, voice search is also getting tremendous traction as major search engines and content platforms are supporting voice search. No wonder, leading websites and web developers are now incorporating voice interactions into their websites. 

Voice interactions and voice searches are also generating a lot of meaningful user data and data-driven insights that digital marketers are utilizing to target audiences more precisely. Since voice search and voice interactions are steadily growing, the future of the web cannot be thought of without voice inputs.

Motion User Interface

Motion design has created a scope for traditional websites to look more eye-catchy and intuitive. Actually, if correctly used, motion design can really give a solid boost to the user experience of any digital product including the web or mobile apps. Motion design apart from opening more scopes for user interactions also helps aligning the user-centric look and feel to your website. 

Motion UI comes basically as a SaaS library widely incorporated in custom CSS. Used extensively by web developers to shape attractive and beautiful designs with smooth user transitions and animations. In overall measure, motion design actually improves the appearance of a website. Many UI/UX design services in India are particularly sought after now by small-budget web projects to incorporate transition and motion design effects. 

As web user interfaces all over the globe tend to be trendy, sophisticated, versatile, and engaging in look and feel, motion design is likely to remain a permanent fixture in the scheme of things for web designers around the world. 

React, Flutter, Vue, And Svelte Will Rule

For the majority of frontend web developers, React and Vue has come as the leading frameworks to build extremely sophisticated, lightweight, and reactive websites with powerful performance. At the same time, Svelte also appeared as a great alternative for cross-platform web development with native usability and user experience attributes. 

While React for some years led the web development space with seamless and versatile user experience, the alternatives to React are increasingly getting traction. While React allows easy setup and implementation of web apps involving very little time and effort, the alternatives like Svelte and Flutter offer something even more convincing and better.

Also while very precise and smart utilization of memory made Svelte an emerging alternative, the extremely lightweight Vue is a good choice for building low-footprint and high-performance web apps. But the real king that made the throne of React unstable is obviously Flutter. With a rich UI library and zero dependence on using a bridge to interact with locals device code, Flutter emerged as the most performance-focused framework. 

Though React may not lose its leading position anytime soon, the above alternatives will continue to grow in importance and will power more websites and web apps. Particularly, Flutter will grab the market share of React comprising both startups and large enterprise web projects. No wonder, many small business startups, and big brands now decide to Hire Flutter Developers India for availing of the latest web technology with a minimum cost burden. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps or PWA has emerged as the leading trend that is going to blur the division between traditional websites and mobile apps. PWAs are opened through mobile browsers just like any other mobile website. But they can be saved like an app on the Home Screen and can be accessed at any time. They offer a bounty of native app features such as notifications, offline access, quickest loading time, and close integration with device features. 

As websites tend to offer more apps like look and feel, PWAs are increasingly getting popular. Many website projects that cannot afford to go for a separate mobile app now can build a PWA and secure their web and mobile app presence at one go.   


Chatbots have become a key interactive feature to engage users, provide customer service, draw relevant user insights and help with user problems while using a website. In more than one way Chatbots have emerged as the most sophisticated way to allow user interactions. 

Chatbots are also getting sophisticated and more intuitive with powerful machine learning and AI capabilities. Moreover, chatbot interactions are now helping enterprises to provide continuously proactive customer service without involving manual activities. On the other hand, Chatbots are allowing companies to grab a lot of data-driven insights about users that can help in the decision-making process. 


While web development and design are fast evolving with technological advancements, the future of the web always looks brighter in possibilities than it was before. If you want to catch on to the latest trend in web development, you need to have a closer look at the evolving tech landscape.

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