How to Save Zoho Mail Emails as PDF on Mac?


Email is an essential source of electronic communication in daily life. We all use different email clients as per our needs to send and receive emails. One such widely used email client for business purposes is Zoho Mail. It is one of the best email client services that provides many features for users to make tasks easier. We all search for ways to backup important data in a PDF format to protect it from corruption or any malware attacks.

However, in order to save Zoho Mail Emails as PDFs on your Mac hard drive can be troublesome. Zoho Mail does not provide a direct approach to backup the data in a PDF file format. So the question arises “how do we create a backup of Zoho Mails?”

In this blog, we will share the best solution to save Zoho Mail to PDF format using a professional Zoho Backup Tool for Mac. Before we reach the solution, let’s learn about some of the benefits of saving the data in PDF format.

Reasons to Save Zoho Mail Emails as PDF

When it comes to saving data on an external hard drive, a PDF file format is always the prominent choice because of its better security. Let’s look at a few of the other pros to exporting Zoho Emails to PDF with attachments.

  • A PDF file format can be encrypted to keep the data secure.
  • Data saved in a PDF format can be easily shared and printed.
  • It does not allow easy modification of the data.
  • PDF files can be accessed offline easily from any device.

Due to these benefits, a PDF file format is always the first choice for users to save Zoho Mail Emails as PDF. Now, Let’s discuss the solution to save Zoho Mail to PDF Format efficiently on a Mac device.

How to Export Emails from Zoho Mail to PDF Document?

After much research, we found that there is no direct way to export Zoho to PDF file documents manually. Therefore, many experts depend on a professional approach to convert Zoho mailbox to PDF format easily. They use an automated Zoho Backup Tool to backup and convert Zoho emails and other mailbox items into various file formats.

Zoho Backup Tool- An Expert Solution

MacSonik Zoho Backup Tool is a foremost solution that is used by many tech experts to create a backup of Zoho Mails into a PDF file format. Using this method users can convert Zoho Mail to PDF in bulk. The advanced features of this tool provide a reliable and quick conversion of Zoho mails with high data accuracy. Users can also save the Zoho Mail data in various other file formats/ email clients efficiently.

Steps to Save Zoho Mail Emails as PDF

  1. Install and Run the MacSonik Zoho Backup Tool.
  2. Enter your Zoho User ID and third-party Password and tap on Sign in.
  3. Check the folders that you need to transfer from the tree structure.
  4. Select PDF as the saving format from the Migrate As option of the software.
  5. Choose the destination path to save the resultant file.
  6. Finally, hit the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

Some Advantages of Mac Zoho Backup Tool

  • This utility helps to export Zoho emails to PDFs with attachments in bulk.
  • It does not alter a single data throughout the conversion process.
  • Users can opt to save only the selected important emails.
  • It helps to remove identical emails from the process.
  • Users can convert emails of any size in a few clicks while using this tool.
  • Using this method users can convert Zoho email to PDF, PST, Gmail, Office 365, etc.

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In this article, we have shared some advantages to save Zoho Mail Emails as PDFs along with a professional approach to performing the conversion. A professional approach is the best solution to go with to backup your Zoho mail as there is no manual approach available. It does not alter a single data and provides the result with accuracy by maintaining the original folder hierarchy.

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