How to Convert OST Files to PDF Format without Outlook on Mac


In this digital era, Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used email service used by millions of users to access emails. This email client saves data in two formats i.e, PST and OST format for Windows and OLM for Mac. An OST file format saves the copy of the Outlook mailbox items in Offline mode and cannot be accessed on the Mac system. Data stored in OST format are still prone to malware attacks and corruption. The best way to protect the data and view it on a Mac OS is to convert OST files to PDF format.

So, the question is how to export Outlook OST files to PDF. Finding an answer to this question is quite difficult when it comes to accurate and risk-free methods. Keep reading the blog till the end, to learn about the expert solution for the safe and easy conversion of OST files. Before jumping to the solution directly, let’s look at some of the benefits of converting OST files into PDF documents.

Reasons to convert OST files to PDF Format

There are various reasons to convert OST file emails to PDF. An OST file can only be accessed in a Window Outlook. While PDF is a better choice in order to view the OST file data on Mac. We have mentioned some more different reasons to convert OST files.

  • A PDF file format makes accessing the data easier from any device.
  • Users can easily share or print the data in a PDF format.
  • It is a non-changeable format i.e, it allows you to read or view the data without modifying it.
  • Data in PDF format can be used for legal documentation purposes.
  • PDF files can be encrypted to protect the data from unauthorized access.

A PDF file format is a better solution to save OST file items because of these common reasons. Next, let’s talk about the solution to convert OST to PDF on Mac in a safe and secure manner and open it without Outlook.

How do I Open an OST File without Outlook?

In order to view and open the Outlook OST files, users can easily convert them into PDF format. But, there is no direct method to convert OST files to PDF format on Mac. Therefore, using a professional OST to PST converter for Mac is a better solution to export Outlook OST files to PDF file format. Many business professionals and expert users suggest using this automated solution.

Mac OST to PST Converter – An Expert Solution

MacSonik OST to PST Converter is a top-notch utility that efficiently converts OST to PDF file format with high data accuracy. This is a multifunctional tool that is equipped with various advanced features providing risk-free conversion of OST files. This utility can convert OST file emails to PDF by keeping the folder hierarchy original. It also allows users to convert OST files to PST, MBOX, Gmail, Office 365, and other various file formats and email clients efficiently without any data loss. A professional OST to PST Converter provides a safe and quick conversion of OST files without any hassle.

Steps to Convert OST to PDF

  1. Download and Run the MacSonik OST to PST converter on your PC.
  2. Select Single/Multiple File Selection mode from the software interface.
  3. Click on the Browse button and add the required OST files.
  4. Tick the required Mailbox Folders from the displayed tree structure.
  5. Choose PDF as the saving file format from the Save As drop menu.
  6. Lastly, hit the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

Some Advantages of Mac OST to PST Converter

  • It can convert OST files to PDF format in bulk.
  • Users can easily convert and migrate OST files to 20+ file formats and email clients.
  • This method allows saving the attachments separately or saving OST files without attachments.
  • It efficiently converts large OST to PDF without any data alteration.
  • Users can remove duplicate emails from the conversion process using this method.
  • Mac users can also convert only the selective OST files using a Mail Filter feature.


It is a good choice to convert OST files to PDF format in order to easily view and protect OST file data on Mac. In this blog, we shared the expert solution for the conversion of OST files into PDFs as there is no direct method. A professional method provides 100% accurate conversion results by maintaining data security throughout the conversion process. It can also convert OST files to PST, MBOX, CSV, DOC, and many more file formats/email clients.

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