Why Isn’t My AOL Mail Working On My iPhone?

Fix AOL Mail

Web-based email service, AOL mail, is popular among users for its feature-rich interface and fast emailing services. Its quick server enables users to send and receive emails without any glitches and computing errors. However, no matter how quick and effective services it provides to its users, as one of the components of the computing environment, it can sometimes show up issues.

If you are still wondering why your app is not working on your iPhone properly, stick to the end of this article. Along with possible reasons for AOL mail problems, the article deals with effective troubleshooting to fix AOL not working on iPhone issues.

Why AOL Mail is not working on my iPhone?


  1. Incorrect configuration of AOL Mail servers
  2. Improper email setup
  3. Issues with internet connectivity
  4. Issues with your AOL Mail account
  5. Outdated version of the AOL Mail App
  6. Outdated version of your device

How to fix AOL Mail not working issues?

1. Update iOS software of your device

Have you checked iOS software of your device is up to date? If no, you need to update it immediately. An updated version of the mail app does not support outdated software and thus causes issues in functioning.

2. Repair network issues

Either shift to a strong network connection for the smooth functioning of the app or fix the current network issues. If the error continues and AOL Mail is not working on your iPhone, try putting your iPhone on airplane mode.

  • Go to the setting icon and tap on the Airplane mode
  • Now, enable the flight mode and turn it off by touch the icon again
  • Open your AOL Mail app and check whether the error is resolved or not.

3. Force Stop your app and start it again

If errors affiliated with AOL email not working continue, try to force stop the app and then relaunch it.

  1. Close the app
  2. Now double press on the home button of your iPhone
  3. Image of the AOL Mail app will be appearing among other recently running applications, click and swipe it up to remove.
  4. Launch the app again to avoid “AOL Mail not working” issues.

4. Re-add your AOL email account

After applying above mentioned solutions to fix AOL email issues, remove and add your email account if the problem persists.

Open the app and go to settings> Account and Password> AOL Account. Now click on the remove account option. Now again open the account option and add it by signing in with your account details.

5. Reinstall the app

Are you still unable to connect to your app and thereby to your AOL email account? If none of the given tricks worked for you, the last option left is to delete the app and install it again.

  1. Long press on your app until it starts shaking
  2. An “X” option will appear, click on it to delete the app
  3. Now, hit on the delete option.
  4. Once the app is removed, go to the apps store
  5. Locate the app and install it.
  6. Sign in to your account

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