Identification of Self: Exploring Goldmine

Identification of Self: Exploring Goldmine

Speed, momentum, thrust, vibration, activeness, sound, and chaos, are the words coming instantly into our minds when we look around and try to grasp a sense of our world. Everybody seems in an urgent need of reaching somewhere otherwise in the middle they will crash suddenly. Why it is happening? Be calm and think. Take a deep breath, sit erect, close your eyes, and recall the events you come across the entire day.

Did you get a sense that things have been gone exactly the way you want? Has your boss appeared to you with a pleasant smile? Did your marketing target move fast toward your goal? Did you feel satisfied with your day job? What about yourself, the entire day you spend in the office, dealing with clients, meeting discourses, chat with colleagues, subject matters of those chats, every moment you spent during the day giving you refreshment, lightness, energy or exhaustive self-experience. In a nutshell, if I ask; Were you aware of SELF mostly when you were engaged in all routines and company business. The simple answer is a big “NO”. It’s all about Identification of Self: Exploring Goldmine.

A Great Tragedy Of Our Modern Lives

It’s a great tragedy of our modern lives that we are unaware of ourselves and running mindlessly to achieve a gold medal. This mindlessness is very dangerous, self-destructive which is dragging us towards nowhere. If we ourselves are not aware of the existence, our self then the whole exercise of achieving something meaningful, satisfactory is impossible. Most of the failures are deriving out of activities from the lack of awareness of self. We need to understand and accommodate ourselves to full awareness of ourselves. The self is not only residing in our inner psyche but it is encompassing us in our sphere as well.

This is always discussed that why very few people are most successful than others and why people you can count on the tips of your fingers are an icon in their fields? This has many answers from many people. Hard work, sincerity, dedication, punctuality, expertise, competition, etc. These are the few words always put forward to encourage you to keep running. You are applying all the suggestions and tricks but your hard work is bringing no fruits. Now, frustration, anxiety, and depression began to engulf you like dark clouds. You are putting more effort and getting into more trouble. Did you think by applying all the tricks and rules given by management gurus why you are failing miserably? It is because you know everything by the book but what you don’t know is yourself.

We should learn to understand ourselves very clearly before stepping into an engagement. Here we arrive to ask; What is Self?

The answer is very simple; A person’s essential being.

But this answer is not serving the exact purpose, because to know the being is a herculean task. There are billions of selves on the planet earth and these self are different from each other from the inner psychic structure to our layers of the circumference. The common thing (Identification of Self: Exploring Goldmine) is that all are humans, although animals have their own salves that we are not discussing. The first point which is required to be concentrated is essential being. Here are the basics, the essential being is nothing like a linear representing, it has very complex elements that are responsible to make an individual. Jung’s archetype, Parental behavior, and contribution to bring up their kids, local society, education, environment, the impact of circle around, teacher’s contributions, studies, and many more things.

Among all Jung’s archetypal personality analysis is key to understanding essential self-being. According to Jung’s archetype, we have 12 types of personalities:

  • Creator/Artist
  • Ruler
  • Sage
  • Innocent
  • Explorer
  • Rebel
  • Hero
  • Wizard
  • Jester
  • Everyman
  • Lover
  • Caregiver

Identified The Messy And Chaotic Environment

Now revisit the first paragraph of this article where we have identified the messy and chaotic environment by signifying some basic words. Think about why we are trapped in a situation that is undesirable? It is solely because we don’t know who we are. Revisit your inner self and do it frequently when you are going to bed. Do you have an interest in art and you are sketching unconsciously something which looks meaningless to you?

It was delivered by your unconscious mind that’s why you have never taken it seriously but it is in your instinct as your archetype has embedded mastery of an artist. Once you recognize your archetype you will be more and more clearer about your own potentiality, once you make yourself aware of yourself, you will empower your work with creativity and individual touch, nobody will match with you as every being has its own essential individuality. Doing routines, going by books, implementing borrowed knowledge will not make you unique and you will be lost in chaos and crowd.

Go through Jung’s personality divide, explore yourself, and see which fits in your personality. Identifying your personality by yourself is similar to finding a goldmine which never going to be exhausted. After knowing all about this, you will understand the identification of Self: Exploring Goldmine

written by Abrar Mojeeb

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  4. The first point which is required to be concentrated is essential being. Here are the basics, the essential being is nothing like a linear representing, it has very complex elements that are responsible to make an individual

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