How to Unlock PDF for Printing, Editing & Copying?

Summary: In this article, you will discover how to unlock PDF for printing using both the manual and Free professional approaches. We will walk you through a step-by-step technique that you may use to unlock a protected PDF file and get flawless results.

The PDF file format is often used for the transmission of secret information since it ensures the security of your data. Users may safeguard their PDF files by encrypting them and protecting them with a password. In general, there are two kinds of secure PDFs: user-locked PDFs, which require a password to read the contents, and password-protected PDFs, Which do not require a password to view the contents. On the other side, there is an owner-locked PDF, which implies that you must enter a password in order to copy, print, or edit the contents of the PDF file.

If you wish to unlock PDF for printing that has been password-protected, you must first unlock the password that has been set up with an owner degree of protection. As we said at the outset of this post, we’ll be discussing the manual procedures that will enable you to unlock PDF for printing.

How to Unlock PDF for Printing Manually?

Here I will show you 3 free methods to unlock PDF for printing. All methods are given below:

Method 1: Using Adobe Acrobat

You may use the Adobe Acrobat Pro Tool to unlock PDF for printing and printing the document again. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a piece of software that is used to handle Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. There are other functions, such as the ability to secure or unlock the PDF, divide, merge, or modify the document.

  • Make sure that the file is open in the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC programme.
  • Select Tools>Protect>Encrypt>Remove Security from the drop-down menu.
  • Because the file has an access password, you must enter it in the Enter Password box to open the file.
  • Finally, click OK to indicate that you want to proceed.

Method 2: By Using Google Chrome

To delete the owner password from a PDF document, you may only do it in Google Chrome. Which is the only browser that has this function.

Consider the procedures to unlock PDF for printing.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. After that, go to Google Drive and open it.
  3. In the upper right corner of the Google Drive window, choose New from the drop-down menu. Select your PDF file by selecting it from the File Upload drop-down menu and clicking OK to upload it.
  4. When viewing the contents of a PDF that has been password-protected. You’ll be prompted to enter a password and then click Submit.
  5. Once the PDF document has been opened, click Ctrl+P (on a Windows computer) to print it.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • To use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you’ll need to buy a membership, which will set you back a lot of money.
  • If you have a lot of PDF files, the Google Chrome procedure might take a long time.

Free Solution to unlock PDF for printing

Using professional software such as PDF Unlocker from CloudXtra, users may activate the print option in a PDF file that has been uploaded to the internet. Because this is an online tool, there is no charge or fee to be paid. This tool is capable of unlocking the print option in a PDF file online without the need for Adobe Acrobat to be installed on the computer.

This tool has the capability to unlock PDF for printing without the need to provide a password. If the document is protected by owner-level limitations, the following scenario occurs. Also read about Excel to PDF conversion.

The tool, on the other hand, specifies that the PDF password should only be entered once for user-level PDF documents. As soon as you enter a password, the print option will be permanently activated.

Time to Say Goodbye

This article has shown you many methods to unlock PDF for printing. To get around the PDF print lock, we’ve provided both manual and automatic solutions.

There are several drawbacks to the manual technique, therefore we’ve developed a professional alternative to get over those drawbacks. You may quickly unlock PDF for printing with this tool.

Even non-technical people can eliminate PDF print limits with a few simple clicks thanks to the ease of use of the tool.

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