How to Decrypt MDB Files – Know how


In this article, we will discuss how to decrypt MDB files. There are many similar questions on the Internet and countless solutions. But you know what? However, users still face many problems in cracking the login password. If you are also one of the users looking for the same solution then don’t worry. Keep it up to the end and get 100% of the expected result.

Why Do Users Want to Decrypt Access Password File? 

Now, before we go any further, here are some encryption tips you should know about encrypting ACCDB or MDB files:

  • If you want to encrypt the MDB file, you can encrypt the entire database.
  • When encrypting files, the encryption is performed at the page level instead of the data level, making it possible to decrypt encrypted MDB files.
  • Setting a complex and strict password will only prevent reading the MDB file. There is no security impact, even the database is protected and can only be decrypted with a password.
  • By now, you will know what solutions are available to decrypt your files and make sure you don’t damage your data in the process.

How to Decrypt MDB Files – Manual Approach 

There are many users who need to unlock protected MDB files after forgetting the Access database password. So, we thought about it and created this guide. Below, we reveal the detailed steps to do the same.

Steps to Remove Access 2016/2013/2010 database password

Here, we have mentioned the complete step by step process to unlock the password to access the database. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about decrypting your Access database as you can easily do it by fully implementing the below instructions.

  • It is important to open the source database in exclusive mode before removing the password. Then, open the MS Access program and select File as the option, then select Open from the toolbar menu
  • After that, click the down arrow next to Open. Then select the Exclusive Unlock option to continue.
  • Now enter your password and click OK. Then click on the File option in the upper left corner to open the File menu.
  • Here, click on the Decrypt Database option at the prompt.
  • Then add a valid password and click OK.
  • Eventually the password will be successfully removed and your Access MDB file will be decrypted.

In such a case, you have forgotten your password-protected MDB file. Sometimes, you cannot open the password-protected Access database. So, in this case, you have only one option, a third-party tool.” So, let’s also mention alternative techniques for decrypting access passwords. Let’s move on to the next section for more details.

Alternative Method to Decrypt MDB Files Without Harming the Original Content

To perform the above manual solution, you need the correct password to decrypt the secured Access database. But what happens if you forget your password? Don’t worry! However, you can decrypt forgotten Access MDB file password. With this software called Access Password Recovery, you can easily decrypt access MDB files. This utility is specially designed to recover lost or forgotten Access database passwords (MDB files). In particular, it provides an efficient and intuitive interface. Therefore, geek or non-geek users can also perform the decryption process without outside help. However, the software is capable of unlocking all kinds of passwords such as complex, multilingual, numeric and alphanumeric, etc. Also, you can download the software on any Windows OS machine as it will not be associated with compatibility issues. It has broad support for all Windows and MS Access operating systems from Premium and below.

  • Download the application to your computer first
  • Now select the MDB file or folder as needed
  • After adding the files, the software will load them and display the added MDB files in the software panel. It will also show the path of the selected file and the file size in KB
  • Then, select the password of the user you want to reset the password for and click on the Reset tab
  • Once finished, press the OK button to complete the process.

Ending Note

If you want to decrypt MDB files with a forgotten or lost password, you don’t have to worry anymore. Tools like the ones mentioned above are great solutions with lots of features to make the process easier for users. If you remember the password, you can use the manual method, but make sure you know what you are doing. This MDB file is so important that it is password protected, which makes it a task that requires concentration.

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