Top Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Top Travel Vloggers Youtube

The COVID-19 epidemic rendered travel and tourism in general in 2020 a distant dream for most people. But, the majority of people have taken to travel vlogs and travel videos on YouTube during these challenging times to feed their hunger to explore new and undiscovered places.

Vlogging has changed the way that people watch documentaries and travel movies. If you’ve been contemplating becoming a travel vlogger via YouTube, then you’ve read precisely what you must know to know. In this post, we’ll take a look at the most popular travel vloggers on YouTube. And, show you how to take your vlogging skills up to get free YouTube likes and views on many notches through taking some pages from their books.

India in Motion

With over 85 videos and 148,000 subscribers until now, India in Motion is not one of the most well-known travel vloggers on YouTube in terms of number. But what’s impressive is that at the heart of the efforts that go running the channel is one man whose vlogging focus is on India’s higher Indian Himalayas’ oxygen-depleted altitudes.

Saravana Kumar, hailing from Tamil Nadu in South India, was once part of the rapidly growing world IT market. However, in 2010 he departed from the security of his job in IT to pursue his love of photography. Kumar had been playing around with time-lapse photography for quite a long time before deciding that there was no place on Earth that would be better than showing off his skills than the magnificent Indian Himalayas.

Since quitting his job, Kumar has been on his own, exploring some of the most remote regions within the Indian Himalayas. His growth as Vlogger has seen him release stunning time-lapse videos and the daily lives of the people who live in these harsh areas.

Kumar is an excellent model of someone who has decided to pursue his passion regardless of the risks. This is something that many of us wish to do but rarely do. His ever-changing vlogging style, as well as his humble and hardworking character, will teach you a lot about the importance of perseverance. And also, the desire to be better at what you do can yield huge benefits over the long term. One of his most recently posted videos discusses the necessity of investing in the proper equipment to ensure that video bloggers achieve the highest quality video.

Mark Wiens

At just 34, Mark Wiens has established YouTube’s most memorable travel videos. They’re primarily about food! Wiens’s passion for travel and food from the age of three has led to his channel, with more than seven million YouTube subscribers and more than 1000 videos.

Wiens’s Vlogging style is one he has developed over time. The first few years of vlogging under Migrationology established the groundwork for the future. Mark was able to take viewers with his journeys and record his food experiences everywhere they went. The videos were original for YouTube viewers since most of his meals were in humble street food joints instead of expensive and elegant eateries.

The number of people who watched his videos on YouTube was growing rapidly. He began to slowly earn money from his YouTube channel. It enabled him to quit his job in the field of English teacher and focus on his passions: traveling and eating. In China, from India through Pakistan up to Bhutan and Laos and from Austria from Turkey, Wiens’ list of destinations visited culinary experiences is growing by the day.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Wiens can’t travel as much in the past few months, but he’s not been on the move on YouTube. YouTube has been a great source of entertainment. Videos during the epidemic are as enjoyable as those before. He put up a street food truck at home and attempted to recreate his favorite meals from his travels.

A few of the lessons you can draw from Wiens’s vlogging style are humility and honesty and an individual approach that can never be replaced, regardless of the techniques you use in your video blogs. Wiens is also well-known for his sexy smile in front and behind the camera.

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is one of the most prominent names in the world of travel vlogging, and since the launch of his channel in 2012, he’s gained nearly 2 million actual YouTube subscribers and has uploaded more than 90 videos. The travel vlogging profession has taken him to many places literally since his adventures have led him to 191 different nations worldwide.

Drew’s experience at junior college in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic made him abandon “The American Dream” as the realization set in that a stable job and a marriage and children were not things he was looking to achieve in his life. The only thing he wanted was to travel and create an income from it.

In the wake of Prague, Drew signed up for a teaching job in English within South Korea, and he spent 18 months living in Seoul, the South Korean capital of Seoul, and exploring the city’s culinary, cultural, and natural beauty of the city. Drew began building his online profile via blogs and regular social media, and shortly the following year, YouTube happened, and there was no turning back.

Drew has precisely recorded his travels. His videos are not only on his travels or experiences, however, but on tips to share with fellow travel enthusiasts. Some videos like “6 Tips to Travel India and 8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe for $30/day and “AFRICA The Top 12 Travel Tips have accumulated more than one million views.

Drew’s YouTube schedule of vlogging should instruct aspiring Vloggers. He is the epitome of the YouTube content creator who posts new content nearly every day and is also a primary reason for his enormous following. Therefore, being consistent on the content you upload to YouTube and having a wide variety of content available are two key lessons you should study from Drew.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate’s video story are straight from an old fairy tale, considering that they have been together since high school, located in Nashville, Tennessee. The couple’s travel adventures started in 2016 when they set out to spend a whole year traveling after saving more than two million miles as well as points.

But, when they developed the bug for video blogging and began posting the travel stories on YouTube frequently, they decided to travel more, and that choice turned out to be the most successful they’d made since they started the YouTube channel. Since 2016 they’ve uploaded more than 700 videos with no less than six uploads every week. Their channel is thought to be one of the most popular travel Vlogging channels available on YouTube.

With more than 100 countries visited, Kara and Nate’s vlogging standards have been consistently high and even earned them the Shorty Award. From the initial plans to settle down and beginning family to choose not to do the idea and instead of earning money by traveling, Kara and Nate have been forced to make tough calls together; however, there’s ample evidence that the tough calls were worth the effort.

Kara Nate and Nate are genuinely inspirational for couples that want to establish their own YouTube channel and profit money from their channels. If you’re a YouTuber who wants to be one, just need to glance at the effort they put into their channel and across their social media platforms, which resulted in an exponential growth in their fame as vloggers who send out high-quality content daily, week after week.

We’ve only reviewed four YouTube channels in this list. Four channels we have found to be very inspiring for budding travel vloggers who want to get their name on YouTube. A few of our most coveted mentions are made to the following YouTubers:

  • Hello Nadine (489,000 subscribers, 680 videos)
  • FunForLouis (1.99 millions subscribers 1 837 videos)
  • Bald and Bankrupt (2.18 million subscribers with the 207 videos)
  • Indigo Traveller (780,000 subscribers, 333 videos)

The four vloggers with whom we’ve traveled in-depth, as well as the 4 we’ve offered honorable mentions for in this post, are just a tiny portion of the travel and vlogging world that is on YouTube. To help you realize your goals of influencing the world by sharing your journey stories through YouTube and earning a living while doing it, you must follow the most vloggers you can to ensure that you have as many ideas as you can to develop your unique way of displaying your journeys across this vast and stunning world.

Before we close to this post, in the end, we’d like to point out to begin your YouTube travel video channel. You shouldn’t concentrate too much on figures when it comes to YouTube views, likes, and subscriptions. Set up a strategy, acquire the equipment you require to make your travels more enjoyable, and then start posting. If you keep a consistent posting schedule and promote the content across your social media channels, you’re sure to be noticed through your travel vlogs.

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