Life of a Teacher – Essay

Life of a Teacher

Teaching is the most respectable and the oldest profession. The first teacher of Adam was God Himself. He taught him the names of things. When Adam came to earth, he was taught how to live on this planet. This time God taught him through Gabriel. Adam taught his offspring. Thus he was not only the first man on this earth but also the first teacher. A baby starts learning things while in the cradle. Without teaching, coaching, and training a man may grow up as the other animals do. It is the teaching that makes a man a perfect Man.

In a way, everybody is a teacher as well as a pupil. But the one who adopts teaching as a profession is the skilled one and the special one. It is he who shoulders the most delicate and most important responsibility of educating the young ones of a nation. He specializes in the field of education and attains perfection in his sacred skill of nation-building. He plays a pivotal role in the development and progress of a nation.

A Nation Needs

A nation needs very good data scientists, engineers, doctors, businessmen, politicians, and specially trained people from all walks of life for its development. But all these professionals are educated and trained by teachers. The only dutiful teacher can produce good and efficient workers. If the teacher is not doing his duty properly, it is foolish to expect that the nation would make any progress.

It is an established fact that a teacher enjoys the central place in the process of nation-building. He, and only he, can produce an army of scientists, technologists, and engineers required for the progress and prosperity of a nation. It is solely the teacher who can give the nation efficient administrators to run the machinery of the state. A nation needs honest and efficient politicians to run the affairs of a state. Ony an honest and efficient teacher can produce such politicians.

History Of Mankind

Just throw a glance at the history of mankind. Study the life of any great leader. You will find the influence of a good teacher on his life. A teacher molds the character of the young students who are going to build the nation strong. Men build a nation, and mend is built by teachers. Go to any field of life and you will find that those who are working wonders have been trained by a teacher. Thus it can rightly be said that a teacher plays the most important role as a Nation Builder.

Last but in no way least, the teacher is a lynchpin of any education system and unless his self-esteem is developed, no positive results can be expected in terms of dedication and commitment. But, unfortunately, he is treated as a low-paid worker both in public and private sector. This is really a height of apathy.

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