What is neurofeedback training and its benefits for treatment?

Neurofeedback Therapy is one of the latest methods that have been developed to help people improve their lives. It uses electronic stimulation on various parts of the body to help you relax, focus your mind, and improve your overall health. Neurofeedback Therapy was first introduced in 1998 and it is based on the theory of neurofeedback – a neurological process that allows the brain to read electrical signals from various sources and then control these signals to help the body in many different ways. In this you are guided by the highly trained specialist.

Why Neurofeedback training is important?

This training allows patients to regulate their brain response. It enhanced your memory and thinking power. It allows the brain to read electrical signal.

 Through this me,that you will learn how to recognize when your body is coping with stress and how to counter it with relaxation techniques such as neurofeedback. The basic concept is that stress causes an imbalance in your brain that causes the release of neurohormones and other chemicals. By using neurofeedback training you can identify what is causing the stress and then counter it with relaxation techniques such as ISF Training.

Yet another form of neurofeedback training is through the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS. With this form of therapy, your brain’s electrical activity is measured by a powerful magnet. By attaching the magnet to the scalp (not directly though, to avoid causing any pain) you can see changes in the electrical activity of your brain as it operates. These changes are used to diagnose the cause of the traumatic brain injury and teach the patient how to treat their injury.

Benefits of Neurofeedback training:

  • It enhances memory and focus power.
  • It decreases your anxiety.
  • More restful sleep and relaxes moods.

When you start neurofeedback training you will need some special “edgelogel” contact lenses to properly focus the magnetic fields generated by the magnet onto your scalp. These special lenses have two layers, a top surface and a base surface. The outer most layer has about five to six times more magnetic energy than the base surface. The reason for this is to provide a more stable and larger field with less risk of fluctuation. Once these electrodes are attached to your head they should remain there for the rest of your life.

Neurofeedback Therapy is a wonderful and safe method of treating various neurological disorders like ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, chronic pain, stroke, low moods and anxiety, depression, epilepsy and many other psychological problems. Many people are now turning to neurofeedback as a complementary form of medicine. It is safe and very effective in treating these kinds of disorders. There are now neurofeedback clinics all over the world that offer different kinds of neurofeedback therapy. You can also check www.biocybernaut.com



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