Life of a Doctor – Essay

english essay on doctor life profession

Man is a social and rational animal. He likes to live in the company of human beings but lives rationally. In social life, we have the division of labor. Different groups perform different duties. This is why human society has professions and occupations. People choose different jobs according to their temperament and skills. The job of a doctor is one of them.

The profession of a doctor is noble and paying. A doctor is an essential part of our society. He helps us in maintaining our health properly. In return, he charges a fee. The nobility of the profession has its own demands. A doctor should give importance to the patient thaن to his fees.

The life of a doctor is always demanding patience. He gets up early in the morning and goes out for a walk. He acts upon the basic principles of healthy living. After having his breakfast, he goes to the hospital. He examines his patients at the outdoor ward and writes prescriptions.

Who Need Long Treatment

The doctor’s hours are fixed. When it is time to have the round of the ward, he goes in. The patients who need long treatment under the subversion of doctors are admitted to these wards. It is the duty of a doctor to visit them regularly and note whether they are improving or not. Sometimes, he has to deal with emergencies as well. In this case, he remains alert all the time. He does whatever is possible with the patient. After these laborious hours, he returns home. There he takes a rest for a few hours.

In the evening, he goes to his clinic or to some private hospital. In fact, his pay is not enough to meet the daily necessities of life. So, private practice is necessary for him. When he privately examines the patients he charges handsome fees. Here once again he has a long queue of patients. He attends them wholeheartedly because they are source of his financial back up.

With the changing times, the life of a doctor has also undergone a change. Some of the doctors have toll claims of serving the suffering humanity, but they intensify their sufferings. Generally speaking, they are quacks who set their agents to trap patients for them. Such doctors work in the form of a team. In this way, they protect their interest. They are butchers. They play with the lives of helpless patients for material gains. They are few in numbers but they defame the noble profession of doctors.

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