Life of a Policeman – Essay

policeman essay english

There are certain animals, birds, and insects that live in societies like human beings. They also have the division of labor. But man differs from them in many ways. Unlike them, man has established the system of professions.

An occupation is a job done to earn a living. Occupations are of many types. Some occupations require manual work and some special skills of proper training. There are different professions and occupations. The job of a policeman is also one of such occupations.

Responsibilities of a Policeman

The job of a policeman is tough because he is responsible to maintain law and order in society. As such, he is an essential part of our setup. His duty is to help the government. He has to be active and alert. Under the changing conditions, his importance is great. In this period of lawlessness, the job of the policeman becomes tougher than ever before.

The policeman wears a uniform. The militia shirt and khaki trouser make him the symbol of authority. Most of the time, he is loaded with a gun of ancient times. He is always doubtful about this weapon. He is not sure whether it will work or not when the time comes. A smart policeman prefers to have a stick with him. He uses it most effectively when the time comes. As his main dealing is with the criminals he uses very rarely polite language.

Duty Issues

The place of posting has great importance in the life of a policeman. If he is posted in the police lines, he feels disturbed. Such days are regarded as the dark days of his life. If he is posted somewhere far away from his superior officers, he feels quite satisfied. There he finds full opportunity to exercise his authority.

The life of a policeman is very hard. He cannot keep regular hours. Also, he is not sure about the place of his posting. He does not know the time of his return. In this way, he is unable to look after his family properly. The result is that his children cannot get his supervision and do not perform well in life.

The life of a policeman is constantly in danger. The conditions of law and order in our country are extremely poor. So his life is always at risk. In return, he always gets abused. This profession is badly hated in our society. All the negative epithets are used for a policeman.

Financial Situation

The salary of the policeman is so low that he is constantly under financial pressure. To meet his household expenses, he usually indulges in malpractices. Wherever he is posted, he knows how to earn money. Honesty in the police department is rare. The policeman who lives a neat and clean life is far superior to an angel.

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