My Aim in Life – Essay

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A man without a plan is no man; lucky is he who helps others. It is always good to have high aims in life for they make man’s life meaningful. We cannot make progress without having high aims. History tells that highly successful persons have always tried to attain their aims or ambitions. Some aims have ever been sacred in all ages and are much cherished.

My Aim in Life

My aim in life is to become a doctor. Doctoring is a sacred profession. The prerequisite condition of doctoring is self-negation. It demands dedication, commitment, and above all an inexhaustible treasure of patience. A doctor has to come across mostly peevish and rigid patients. I want to adopt the medical profession. For this purpose, I shall study medicine.

I have many reasons for choosing the medical profession. I like the work of a doctor. A responsible doctor cures the diseases of suffering patients. He works for a noble purpose. And, he tries his level best to save the lives of dying patients. He works hard to lessen the pain of patients. A doctor is a panacea for groaning patients.

Life Is To Serve Others

The worthy way of living one’s life is to serve others. A doctor can serve others invaluable way. He can reduce the miseries of afflicted patients. He can bring health back to them once they have lost it. Thus he can bring good health and comfort to them. I shall also serve humanity in this way as a doctor.

A doctor can treat poor patients without asking for any fees. There are numberless poor men, women, and children who are ill but cannot afford medical treatment. Many doctors do not have time to examine their diseases and treat them. It is the duty of a responsible doctor to treat some poor patients at least. I will treat as many ill persons as possible.

Important To Money

A doctor should never forget that his duty to others is important to money. He should be more interested in his work and less in his fees. If he works well people will like to pay him well. As a doctor, I will do my duty to others in a satisfactory way. I shall try to be known for my devotion to work. Of course, I shall have to earn money to live by. But my first aim would be to give the best medical treatment to needy patients.

It is my earnest desire to go to the villages of my country as a doctor. Normally doctors prefer cities to villages for facilities. Moreover, they have more opportunities to earn money in cities than in villages. But I think that a doctor should spend some years in villages. The majority of the population lives in villages. They are poor yet hardworking and simple. They need medical facilities just as the people in cities need them. I may spend the first four or five years of my doctoring in villages. During my stay, I will train the locals about first medical aid, etc.

Profession Of Medicine( My Aim Of Life)

As a doctor, I will examine the condition of my patients thoroughly. I shall diagnose their diseases well before suggesting medicine to them. I shall also try to know the causes of their diseases and thence prescribe the medicine. So, I shall also tell the patients the way under which they can remain healthy.

I have chosen the profession of medicine to cure my future patients well and to increase my knowledge. As a doctor, I shall continue to study new books on medicine. I shall try to know new methods of curing diseases as developed in any country of the world. And, I shall make research in the field of medicine in my country or may go abroad for some time. Also, I may develop some new medicines or suggest some cures for diseases in this way.

Also, I will work hard and honestly in my profession. I want to make my life and work an example for others. May Allah help me in achieving my aim.

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