How to Permanently Uninstall YouTube App (Even Pre-Installed)?

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The ubiquitous presence of YouTube on our Android phones can be both a blessing and a curse. We enjoy endless entertainment, but sometimes we yearn to break free, reclaim our time, and free up some digital real estate. So, the question arises: can you truly uninstall YouTube from your Android phone, even if it’s pre-installed by the manufacturer? Root settings is unsafe for a naïve. They might need someway to delete YouTube app without going into root configuration. Why we need to delete YouTube app for permanent? There are several reasons for doing so. The top most of them is parental privacy. Kids just open YouTube and it results up with various videos that are not safe for the kids. These videos on YouTube can contain the content of sexuality, adult talks, political controversies, religious fights etc… And you want your kid to not see all of this.

There is a solution of YouTube for Kids but the main problem is something else. The problem is that when your kid gets your phone, it will have access to the main YouTube app. The phone cannot recognize if it is children or you who are accessing the YouTube and watching videos or listening to the music or speeches out there.

The answer, as always in the tech world, isn’t entirely straightforward. In our to know how to uninstall Youtube App or Youtube Music App from your smart TV, PC or Redmi, let grip to the upcoming text. While completely ripping out YouTube like a weed isn’t always an option, we have several handy tools at our disposal. Let’s delve into the toolbox:

1. Downloadable YouTube App: Sayonara!

This is the easiest route for phones where YouTube isn’t baked in by the manufacturer. Simply long-press the app icon, tap “Uninstall,” and confirm. Freedom achieved! In some versions of Android, you may not find this option. In others, YouTube app stucks on uninstall in progress. Cara method of installing YouTube with the help of brew commands is also a useful technique. In this process, you can use GitHub repository to download Python scripts and run them after including pip uninstall youtube -dl from repository of libraries. In this way, you can easily remove this app from your samsung smart TV, firestick, iPad and iPhone.

2. Disabling the Built-in YouTube: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Most modern Android phones come with YouTube pre-installed, making it non-removable. But fret not! You can disable it, effectively hiding it from your home screen and preventing it from running in the background, draining your battery and attention. Here’s how:

  • Settings > Apps & notifications
  • See all apps
  • YouTube
  • Disable

3. Data Detox: Shrinking YouTube’s Footprint

Even when disabled, YouTube might retain leftover data and updated features. To truly minimize its presence:

  • Settings > Apps & notifications
  • See all apps
  • YouTube
  • Storage & cache
  • Clear storage and Clear cache
  • (Optional) Tap the three dots and select Uninstall updates

4. Alternative Avenues: Exploring New Pipes

  • The standard uninstall process varies depending on your device. On Android, it might be a simple press-and-hold on the app icon followed by “Uninstall,” while iOS users might navigate through Settings and App management. However, remember that pre-installed apps might not offer a true uninstall option. In such cases, “disabling” the app can take it off your home screen and prevent it from running.
  • But uninstalling just scratches the surface. We live in an age of alternative clients, apps that tap into YouTube’s vast library but offer different experiences. For those seeking ad-free viewing, options like NewPipe or YouTube Vanced have become popular choices. These unofficial clients boast additional features like background playback, picture-in-picture mode, and download capabilities.

5. Nuclear Option: Factory Reset

This is the ultimate clean slate: resetting your phone wipes everything, including pre-installed bloatware like YouTube. Remember to back up your data before embarking on this digital scorched-earth policy. Before going to factory reset, it is advised to clear and delete the cache of YouTube data as it sometimes stuck in this process of uninstallation. It will result in deleting the history of YouTube app even if it is used on Jio Mobile, HiSense TV, Sony TV and other devices with the ability to launch YouTube app.

Playstore’s Magic Wand: Banishing YouTube with “Help and Feedback”

For some devices, even disabling YouTube might leave you unsatisfied. But wait, there’s another trick up our sleeve! Here’s how to utilize the Play Store’s hidden weapon:

  1. Play Store Navigation: Head to the Play Store and tap on your profile icon. Now, navigate to the “Help and Feedback” section.
  2. Search and Conquer: In the “Help and Feedback” section, type “Disable” in the search bar. This will unleash a list of related options.
  3. Application Settings Gateway: Pick any link from the search results, which will lead you to a new page. Keep your eyes peeled for the heading “Delete apps that you have installed.”
  4. The Final Blow: Under the aforementioned heading, tap the first option: “Tap to go to application settings.” There, you’ll find our nemesis, YouTube. Simply tap the “Disable” button, and voilà! YouTube will be banished from your device.

Removing Youtube from Root

Some newer phone models, featuring the latest Android versions, come with YouTube preinstalled as an embedded system app. Approximately 75% of these phones lack the option to uninstall YouTube, as it is intricately integrated into the core of the operating system, ensuring optimal functionality.

Unfortunately, permanently deleting this app without rooting your phone is virtually impossible. Rooting provides a staggering 100% access and control over all aspects of your phone, including system apps like YouTube. However, it’s crucial to note that rooting is discouraged, as it carries a risk of voiding the warranty, with a small chance—around 5%—of bricking the phone if done incorrectly.

As an alternative, users can opt to disable the YouTube app. This action, while keeping the app in the system, ensures that your phone neither displays nor utilizes YouTube any longer. This approach serves as a compromise for approximately 80% of users who wish to minimize the visibility and usage of the YouTube app without delving into the complexities and risks associated with rooting.

Important Tips for Deleting YouTube App Permanently

It’s important to note that manipulating or removing system apps on a device can have unintended consequences and may violate the terms of service of the device or operating system. When it is required to uninstall YouTube, users should proceed with caution and understand the potential risks involved.

For disabling or controlling access to specific apps, especially for parental control purposes, it’s recommended to use built-in features or dedicated parental control apps designed for such purposes. Many devices and operating systems provide parental control settings that allow you to restrict access to certain apps or content.

If you’re concerned about children accessing certain content, consider exploring parental control options that are designed to be user-friendly and provide the level of control you need without resorting to complex procedures. Sometime you want to uninstall YouTube for kids’ safety. Always prioritize the safety and security of the device and its users.


Uninstalling YouTube is a personal decision. Weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge. Consider your phone’s model, the features you might miss, and whether alternative solutions like disabling or using incognito mode might suffice. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a healthy media balance and reclaim control over your time.

This updated version covers both traditional and Play Store-based methods for disabling and effectively uninstalling YouTube, even on pre-installed versions. Choose your weapon, wield it wisely, and enjoy a YouTube-free (or controlled) experience on your Android phone!