Tim Federle And His “The High School Musical: The Series”

Tim Federle And His "The High School Musical: The Series"

Tim Federle is an American producer who was born on March 24th, 1980 in San Mateo, California. However, he grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a theater kid. Later in life, he moved to New York to dance on the Broadway stage. He is especially well-known for the Emmy winning Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Series”, the first season of which was released in late 2019. It is the adaptation of the “High School Musical” film series created by Peter Barsocchini. This is actually Tim Federle’s most notable role in the entertainment industry that made him a famous and successful producer.

“High School Musical: The Series” ran on Disney+ for 4  seasons (from 2019 to 2023) and was nominated for eleven Emmy Awards. Recently, the show was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement Family Programming by the Television Critics Association Awards.

He is also known as executive producer of the animated musical “Foster” for Blue Sky Studios. However, this animated fantasy musical film was canceled, which was announced in 2018. 

One of  Tim Federle’s recent projects is co-writing the Broadway musical adaptation of Tuck Everlasting and the Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated Best Animated Feature “Ferdinand”. Tim won the Humanitas Prize for that. 

What is “The High School Musical: The Series” About?

This 10-episode scripted series is inspired by the High School Musical film series. It revolves around a fictionalized version of East High School, where the original movie was filmed. It is about a group of students who decide to open the East High drama club and begin the production of High School Musical.

Throughout 10 episodes and 4 seasons of the show, students also start building relationships with each other and learn how to work together in order to succeed. The series showcases the unique and transformative power of a high school theater. 

Interesting Facts About Tim Federle’s High School Musical

  • A vast majority of the cast members involved in the series have backgrounds in theater. 
  • The leads of the show, Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett have written the “Just for a Moment” song. It has become one of the most famous and memorable songs of the show. 
  • Every song in the show, except “The Start of Something New” song, was sung live. 
  • The show was filmed at the real East High School located in Utah.