Verified Tips to does the PST Password Unlocker work?

Looking for a way to Unlock Password Protected PST? This article will show you the best way to pst a password unlocker application.

Outlook PST files store valuable mailbox data and should be protected by enabling password protection. Sometimes you forget the password even though you want to unlock it. How do you access Outlook PST files?

Don’t worry. Here we will discuss various easy and reliable methods to crack password-protected PST files. You can choose the suitable method.

The PST Password Protection

We have discussed PST protection with a password, but in some scenarios, users may want to change this password as they may want to make it more secure with complex characters or less complex to make it easier to remember. Outlook provides the user with the ability to change his current PST password using the Settings option in the Account Settings section. However, changing the password requires knowledge of the old password. The user can select Data Files and then Select PST File and then choose the Follow Set Path in the Account Settings dialog box and change the PST file password using the Change Password option shown here can be changed.


Users can use a different path to reach this password change location by selecting the PST file in the left pane of the Outlook user interface, right-clicking, and selecting the Data File Properties option from the list. Then click on the advanced option on the General tab and you will see the same page as below.

If the user does not want a password for the PST file, they can leave the two options blank and click OK. Therefore, to remove the password from the PST file, you need to know the old password of the PST file.

The worst-case scenario is when a user forgets or loses a previously set PST password. In this scenario, the password-protected Outlook PST file needs to be unlocked as the PST file is no longer accessible. Every time user tries to access the PST file, they have to face this message.

Also, if there is no password, the user will suffer. The user needs to find a way to unlock her password-protected PST file. When talking about manual or native solutions there are few methods available. However, the manual method only supports Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. Now let’s talk about this completely manual solution.

Unlock PST password using Microsoft utility pst19upg.exe

For the versions of Outlook, there is a free manual solution using the built-in utility pst19upg.exe. This utility recovers passwords from PST files that support ANSI instead of UNICODE. Deleted PST files from newer Outlook versions. This method also requires that the scanPST.exe application runs a repair process on the file on start-up and a new PST clone is created without a password with the help of pst19upg.exe. Let us understand this process in simple steps.

  • First, close the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Now you will see the location of the scanpst.exe tool that comes as a pre-installed utility with MS Outlook. scanpst.exe is located here:

Microsoft Outlook 2002 and XP:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\scanpst.exe

Microsoft Outlook 2000:

C:\Program Files \Common Files \System\MAPI\ \NT\scanpst.exe

For Microsoft Outlook 97/98:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe

  • Launch it and click “Repair”.

Note: Make a backup copy of the PST file before starting this process.

  • Open a CMD prompt. To open a command prompt, click the Start window key > Run or press the Window key + R.
  • Copy the path of the PST file to the Command Prompt.
  • This will generate his PST file named “abc.psx”. abc is the file name.
  • Rename this PST file to the old PST file.
  • At the command prompt, type pst19upg.exe -newfilename.psx and enter.
  • If all goes well, you will have a PST file without a password.
  • Finally, run scanpst.

These are the steps for the recovery of the password. Users do faces many limitations while following the manual method. 

Recovery of the PST files can be done reliably by using alternative methods of unlocking.

Alternative Solution

For the reliable unlocking of the PST files, a user must use the PST Password Unlocker Tool. The application is an advanced solution for every single user. Without any trouble, the recovery password of the PST files is done. Files are maintaine as it is by the tool. Users do not face any kind of restrictions while following the recovery of the password from the PST files. The steps of recovery are also very simple to follow for any user. The application is an advanced solution for every user. Every user can easily use this advanced PST Password Recovery app for a convenient recovery of the password from the PST files. Users must choose the demo version of the tool for knowing more about the app.

Working on the tool

Following the recovery of the password from the PST files, a user needs to follow the below-provided steps. Let us have a look at these steps:

  1. Download the Outlook Password Recovery Tool to your Windows operating system
  2. Introduce the application
  3. Enter the Outlook PST files you want to access
  4. Choose to delete the password for that Outlook PST file or reset the password.
  5. Click the “Process” button.

These steps can follow easily by any user. Users can have a look at the screenshots if they face any problems.

These steps are convenient for every single user who needs to recover the password from their PST files. Using the steps, a user can recover their PST files including the UNICODE as well as ANSI language PST files. 

Final Verdict

The blog discusses the recovery of the password from the PST files. There is a manual as well as an advanced app for the recovery of the password from the PST files. It is all up to the users the recovery of the PST files.