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Life of a Teacher – Essay

Life of a Teacher

Teaching is the most respectable and the oldest profession. The first teacher of Adam was God Himself. He taught him the names of things. When Adam came to earth, he was taught how to live on this planet. This time God taught him through Gabriel. Adam taught his offspring. Thus he was not only the …

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My Aim in Life – Essay

life aim goal profession english essay

A man without a plan is no man; lucky is he who helps others. It is always good to have high aims in life for they make man’s life meaningful. We cannot make progress without having high aims. History tells that highly successful persons have always tried to attain their aims or ambitions. Some aims …

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Life of a Doctor – Essay

english essay on doctor life profession

Man is a social and rational animal. He likes to live in the company of human beings but lives rationally. In social life, we have the division of labor. Different groups perform different duties. This is why human society has professions and occupations. People choose different jobs according to their temperament and skills. The job …

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Life of a Policeman – Essay

policeman essay english

There are certain animals, birds, and insects that live in societies like human beings. They also have the division of labor. But man differs from them in many ways. Unlike them, man has established the system of professions. An occupation is a job done to earn a living. Occupations are of many types. Some occupations …

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