As A Skilled Worker Migrate To Australia With 189 Visa Australia

Visa 189

Skilled Independent Visa or Subclass 189 is a visa for New Zealand citizens and invited workers who have the necessary skills and can work and live in Australia permanently. Moving from any other country or NZ to this country is easy provided you have attained the requirements of a 189 visa Australia. After attaining the prerequisites, it would be easy to get a visa to stay there. In this content, you will learn all the aspects that need to be fulfill to get the visa.

The Two Categories Of 189 Visa

In this visa, two categories are available; Points Tested Stream and New Zealand Stream.

  1. Points Tested Stream: This category of visa lets skilled workers work and live anywhere in Australia permanently. To get a visa Subclass 189, you should have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list, satisfy points test, have a suitable skills assessment, and satisfy the points test. With this visa, aspirants can sponsor their relatives to come and stay with them. After attaining the eligibility criteria, they can become an Australian citizen. The 189 visa processing time for 75% of applicants is 20 months, and 90% is 31 months.

  2. New Zealand Stream: It is another category of a 189 skilled visa that lets the citizens of NZ who have demonstrated contribution and commitment to the country come and stay and work in the country permanently. This visa lets candidates work and study anywhere in Australia. They can sponsor their family members who wish to come and stay in the country. If they attain all requirements, visa aspirants become eligible for Australian citizenship. The processing time for 75% of applications is 16 months and for 90% is 18 months.

The Eligibility Criteria Of Visa 189

A set of prerequisites are list on the site that aspirants need to attain to get the visa without facing any cancellation and refusal. They include:

The Common Visa Requirements For Both Categories

Here are the common visa requirements for both categories that aspirants need to achieve.

  • Not Have Had A Previous Application Or Visa Refused Or Canceled: Applicants are not eligible for a visa 189 if their previous application has been cancele or refused while staying in Australia.
  • Sign The Australian Values Statement: Applicants above 18 years need to sign the Australian values statement. They must go through the details explained in the Life in Australia booklet. Also, aspirants need to confirm that they will respect the Australian way of life and follow all Australian laws.
  • Have Cleared Of All Debts To The Australian’s Government: Whoever is applying for the visa needs to ensure that they have cleared any debt taken from the Australian Government. If they cannot clear the whole amount, candidates need to make necessary provisions for the same.
  • Meeting The Health And Character Requirements: You or your partner, family members, whoever is applying for a visa 189 should check the health and character requirements. They have to attain all necessary clauses to receive the visa on time.

Points Tested Stream Visa

  • Meet The Skills Requirement: Your occupation needs to be on the list of eligible skilled occupations to get a Point-Tested stream.
  • Be This Age: When you get an invitation for the visa, your age needs to be below 45 years. You can apply for the visa even after 45 years after receiving an invitation.
  • Have The Required Level Of English Language: You must qualify for at least a competent English language.
  • Must Score At Least 65 Points: While submitting your EOI for a Points-tested visa, you should score at least 65 points. While applying, you have to provide necessary evidence supporting the claims.
  • Be Invited To Apply: Applicants apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189 provide they are invite for it. They have to submit an expression of interest (EOI), after which their rank will be given. The invitations are given through SkillSelect.
  • Have A Suitable Skills Assessment: Applicants must declare the suitable skills assessment for the visa application to be valid at the time of invitation. With the application, you have to submit a skills assessment copy. Depending on the documents submitted, the immigrant experts will decide whether your visa will get sanctioned or not.

New Zealand Stream Visa

  • Have This Visa: For processing your visa application, you need to hold a New Zealand Special Category (Subclass 444) visa. For processing your family members in Australia, the different visas one can hold are Subclass 010 Bridging A visas. A substantive visa, Subclass 030 Bridging C visa, or a Subclass 020 Bridging B visa.
  • Satisfying The Income Requirements: Your taxable income as per the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) needs to be at least the minimum income threshold.
  • Staying In Australia For 5 Years: Whoever is applying for this visa needs to stay in the country for a continuous period of five years at least immediately before applying for a 189 visa. If you need any further details regarding the visa prerequisites, speak to the immigration agency Adelaide. The professionals are aware of all the aspects after attaining all requirements.

How To Pick An Immigration Agent?

While applying for the visa, you will come across many parameters that might be difficult to understand. That’s why you must speak with an experienced and qualified immigration agent Adelaide. The tips to consider before picking them are:

  • Good Reviews: The immigration agents you plan to approach for the visa application process must have received good reviews. Good reviews will indicate that the agents are aware of the process and can help you get the visa.
  • Highly Qualified: Immigration experts who have highly qualify and experience are the best individuals to be hire. They have evaluated different visa applications, and the chances of cancellation or refusal reduce. With that, you get your visa without facing any rejection.

In The End

Now applicants can look for the best immigration agents to apply for a 189 visa. They can help them get a visa, after which candidates can go and settle in Australia.

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