Exchange to Office 365 Migration With the professional tool

migrate exchange to office 365

If you want to migrate Exchange to Office 365, it is better to understand all the necessary procedures to accomplish this task. Here in this guide, I have mentioned a complete process of the Exchange to Office 365 migration tool that helps you migrate to Office 365 without any hitches. Office 365 offers several cloud applications for business and includes a flexible work platform with no infrastructure required. Microsoft does not allow any direct way to upgrade the on-premises environment to the cloud. Thus, there are many other ways to do an Office 365 migration. You can migrate your Exchange mailbox to Office 365 using the manual method or a professional Exchange to Office 365 migration tool. As I have recognized that many users are looking for solutions to migrate Exchange 2013 to Office 365, this guide will also help migrate all Exchange versions to Office 365.

Before moving on to the methods, let us be aware of some of the advantages of Office 365.

Advantages of using Office 365 cloud services:

I have defined a few advantages. There can be more other advantages or reasons to use Office 365.

  • All you need is a subscription to Office 365, and no need to bear any stress about the updated version and all. Microsoft takes all responsibility for maintaining apps versions. There is no chance of server downtime or any such situation.
  • Office 365 provides advanced security features to prevent data disasters, failure situations. So you don’t need to take any trouble with data loss.
  • You have an assistive device with an Internet presence, and it is flexible and secure to work from anywhere at any time. The user can use Office 365 services without funding the infrastructure. Once you invest in a subscription with Office 365 services, all the advanced features and a whole range of other features will be set up with the cloud service.
  • There is no need for additional hardware providers in Office 365. It provides the appropriate extra storage, configuring everything, and scheduling everything.

After identifying the benefits of Office 365, users till to migrate Exchange to Office 365. Many organizations need to migrate corporate mailboxes to Office 365, even as most are already working with Office 365’s cloud service. It is also trending to migrate exchange 2013 to office 365 

How to migrate to Office 365:

Several manual ways are possible to migrate Exchange to Office 365. Exchange to Office 365 migration is not easy to perform manually. You must be aware of mailbox migration with sufficient time. There are possibilities of a process failure. Even items may disappear after completing the process. 

Therefore, as a result, the manual method is not the best plan to migrate Exchange 2013 to Office 365. A professional Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is the finest choice to perform this task. Shoviv software is providing an excellent tool to migrate Exchange to Office 365. Let me explain all about this tool.

Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool:

This quick tool comes with many features to migrate Exchange to Office 365. It supports adding EDB files, Exchange mailboxes, Office 365 mailboxes, Outlook store mailboxes as a source to migrate to Office 365. This Exchange to Office 365 migration tool appears as a simple GUI that is easy to use for all. There are automatic and manual mapping features that help to map the source folder to the target folder. This tool also fixes issues from Exchange Server mailboxes.

Essential Features and functionalities of this tool:

  • Support numbers of Mailboxes of any size: This quick software has highly advanced algorithms and allows any number of mailboxes to add for migration to Office 365. No worries about mailbox size, and appropriately bears mailboxes of any size.
  • Supervision of structure of Folder and data integrity: It keeps well the data folder hierarchy of the source mailbox data. Also, there is no worry of changing or damaging the original appearance of the source mailbox throughout the process. It entirely keeps the identity of the source items. You can also preview the source items before migrating them to be sure.

Migrate Exchange Mailboxes to various targets: 

  • Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool enables Exchange mailboxes migration to different targets.
  • Enhanced features for migrating multiple/single mailboxes to Office 365. It instantly migrates the Public folder and Archive mailboxes.
  • The migration target can be Live Exchange Server, Live Exchange Server (on-premises) with folder mapping options.
  • You can use it to migrate the source mailbox to Outlook PST with the Split option. You can also set a password to protect the resulting PST files.

More advanced options: 

  • Incremental option for export/backup: Being a professional tool, it has the facility of incremental export/backup that resumes the process in case of interruption. It stops the already processed items on a single target.
  • Folder Mapping: There is an option to map mailbox from source folder to target folder. You can apply it manually, or an automatic mapping facility is also there. It helps to hurry up the migration.
  • Email Translation option: Email translation is a very convenient feature of this tool. If you want the canonical target email address, this option will let you do. 
  • Item Filter option: The Filter option allows you to include/exclude items from the added source mailbox. You can filter desired items by message class and item date.
  • Search option: You can use the search option to select only the desired data for migration to the target. Search option applies by Message Class, Date, Subject, From, To, etc. 

Concluding words:

In this guide, I have introduced you to the best Exchange to Office 365 migration tool. This tool is also an ideal solution to migrate Exchange 2013 to Office 365. You can test this tool with a trial version. That trial version will let you process the first fifty items per folder for free and give you a fair idea of when to get the full version to migrate Exchange to Office 365.

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