What Is The Difference Between A Migration Lawyer And A Migration Agent?

Obtaining a visa is the basic requirement if you want to migrate to Australia, and it can be done through various pathways. There are numerous visa options available to prospective migrants, from which you can choose the one that suits you. Once the visa is selected, you must check if you meet all the eligibility requirements and then make a complete application. If you want to achieve the best possible outcome, it is recommended that you must take help from a Migration Expert. The reason is that if you do not know about various migration regulations, you may find the whole procedure challenging.

You can also approach a migration lawyer for professional assistance, apart from a visa agent. There is a misconception that both these roles are the same. Read this blog to know the differences between the two.

They have different academic qualifications

The first key difference is in the academic qualifications they hold. For migration lawyers, it is important to study for a minimum of 3 years at university to receive their legal degree.

On the other hand, a non-lawyer migration agent can receive their certificate after a 6-month study. Once they receive their certificate, they have to apply to the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to become a registered agent.

There is a difference in their training and experience

Migration lawyers have to go through a lot of training sessions. In addition to being aware of immigration law, they also receive training in interpreting, analyzing, and how to apply these laws in different cases. The Australian immigration laws are highly complicated and are changed frequently. That is why lawyers are given proper training to deal with case law and legislation, enabling them to provide their clients with the best solution.

In contrast, an immigration agent in Perth will not have this formal training.

Migration lawyers have to work under a supervisor

After receiving their university degrees, migration lawyers have to work under the supervision of an experienced professional. This training gives them exposure to real-life work practices.

However, after registration, a visa agent does not need to work under any such professional person to offer immigration advice to their clients.

Their skill sets are different

A migration agent from Perth also knows all the visa eligibility criteria and application details. Still, they lack in that area because they do not have the training as a lawyer.

Why should you hire a migration lawyer or a migration agent?

Usually, migration lawyers possess skills regarding legal submissions. They effectively resolve proof and evidence-related issues and help the clients prepare for a case application. Also, as a migration lawyer knows all the visa eligibility requirements, hiring a migration lawyer improves the chances of visa approval.

The most important reason behind hiring a migration agent is that it helps applicants get their visa approved on the first attempt. However, there are other reasons, too.

It is cost-effective

The Australian Department of Home Affairs offers about 100 visa subclasses, and thus it will be challenging for you to choose the most suitable option.

  • You may think that applying on your own can save you a lot of money. But the Australian immigration system is complicated and strict, and missing even a single document can cancel your whole visa application, which can be costly and frustrating. You must also note that some visa applications cost over $8000, and refunds are available only in limited cases.
  • Moreover, suppose you are an employer or own a business. In that case, it will be your responsibility to pay the SAF (Skilled Australians Fund) Levy, which is designed to provide support for Australian jobs.
  • Your costs will also rise if you appeal the case in the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).
  • But hiring a migration professional will help you get your job done in exchange for a reasonable price.

You can avoid delays

When you hire an experienced migration lawyer or agent. They can prepare the application on your behalf to make the job of a case officer easy to assess quickly and make the decision.

But when you decide to make the application yourself. There is a high chance that you miss any important documents or information in the application. In that case, you may receive:

  • PIC 4020 invitation to comment
  • RFI (Request for Information)
  • A request to answer justice letters

If you are not aware of the proper way to respond to these legal queries or what steps you should take in these circumstances. The experience can be stressful and overwhelming.

Considering this factor, making a complete application is the best option. A migration professional can offer complete help in that case.

You will receive advice from an expert

Most of the time, the Department of Home Affairs refuses visa applications because individuals fail to satisfy the eligibility criteria. But if you invest a little in hiring a migration agent or a lawyer. They can offer you the best consultation on whether you are eligible for the visa. They will tell you:

  • If you have chosen the suitable visa subclass
  • If there is a chance of success
  • The process and the processing time
  • The expenses involved

Each person has different circumstances, and thus, each case comes with unique obstacles and challenges. That is where a migration lawyer or agent comes in handy to identify the legal issues. According to which they can provide the solutions.

They take out the stress from you

Making a migration application can be a stressful experience. But, when you have a migration lawyer or agent, you will receive guidance in every step.

Whom Should You Approach For Legal Advice?

You have to be careful while making your final decision on whom you should approach for legal advice. Qualifications, job responsibilities, and skills are different for the two, and you have to make your choice based on your requirements.

A non-lawyer Registered Migration Agent Perth can help you if you require migration assistance. However, if you want specific legal advice, you must approach a migration lawyer as they have the proper training and experience with the legal implications.

For dealing with immigration issues, professionals must know employment law, family law, property law, tax law, commercial law, and tax law. Thus, an agent with no background in law cannot offer you the correct guidance.

Who Can Help You In Finding A Migration Lawyer Or Agent?

Even though you have to pay a fee to the migration agent or lawyer, their benefits with a visa application outweigh the total expenses. An immigration lawyer or agent can help you choose the suitable visa subclass, assess your eligibility criteria, make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents, and make the application on your behalf.

In addition to considering these differences, you must also keep another factor in mind while making your decision. That is if the lawyer or agent has proper certification or registration. If you want to hire the best individual, it is advised to contact a leading migration firm that has provided authentic immigration services to Perth over several years.

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