Top 8 Driving Rules In Western Australia

driving rules in Western Australia

There are many traffic rules that people may not know; this could lead to fines while being on the road. Breaking a traffic law leads to paying huge fines and, in some cases, suspension of a driver’s license. When one gets to know the traffic rules, it can help avoid violating them. One must be very much clear with the driving rules in Western Australia when driving.

It can also help keep a person and the others safe and stay on the right side of the law. With the overwhelming population in Australia, road rules need to be followed to control the traffic. An amateur who needs to learn driving could undertake Defensive Driving Training Perth. This will help one learn how to drive and make them familiar with road rules.

Driving Rules In Western Australia

People who are new to Australia and have a driver’s license need to keep in mind various driving rules. These driving rules will help one maintain discipline on the roads and drive safely. Some of the driving rules in Western Australia are-

Making a U-turn

One should not be caught off guard while making a U-turn in an area that is not permitted. One should also not forget to give way to another car while making a U-turn.

When one goes for a U-turn, they need to make sure that it is safe and communicate with the other driver. One should also give way to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists in the road where they want to go for a U-turn.

Looking for roundabouts

One needs to know the correct use of roundabouts because, over time, many motorists start to break the rules. Using roundabouts correctly is not only about avoiding fines and penalties. Over the years, roundabouts have become an active hotspot for accidents in west Australia.

When one uses a roundabout, they need to keep these things in mind-

  1. Using proper steps for changing lanes
  2. Knowing the correct way and lane while entering an intersection
  3. Using the proper exiting lane.

When the roundabouts are not used appropriately, there could be fines and penalties of $150. Three demerit points could also be awarded to the driver.

Keeping left

When one needs to choose the correct lane to drive, they also need to know a special left rule. The left rule applies to a person who travels on a high-speed road with a speed limit of 90 km/hr or more.

The motorists who drive on multi-lane roads need to proceed from the left lane. They can only use the right-hand lane when:

  1. They make a U-turn or turn right
  2. When they overtake
  3. While avoiding an obstacle
  4. The left lane is designated as a traffic-turning-left only lane given one does not turn left
  5. Road signs do not prohibit the vehicle
  6. There is a lack of congestion in other lanes
  7. The left lane is designated especially for cyclists, buses or slow vehicles.

The left rule is also applied to high-speed single lane roads with a slight twist. In this case, motorists need to keep to the far left side of the road while driving. If a road has a sign instructing a driver to keep left until overtaking, the same will apply to the left rule.

Overtaking safely

Overtaking rules can easily be learnt from Corporate Driver Training Perth. Some of the rules of overtaking are intuitive, mainly while preserving safety. However, some overtaking rules need to be learnt by heart.

One needs to avoid risky maneuvers while overtaking a vehicle; overtaking is not allowed at an intersection when:

  1. There is a sign that prohibits overtaking
  2. There are single and double continuous centre lines
  3. One cannot see the incoming traffic clearly
  4. Pedestrians and children are crossing the road.

Many people would keep a safe distance while overtaking cyclists. It is recommended that motorists maintain a minimum speed of 70 km/hr and keep a safe distance.

Driving around cyclists and pedestrians

One needs to be careful driving a car when cyclists and pedestrians are crossing the road. Australia is a large country, and a big population of them is pedestrians. A motorist needs to keep a safe distance from cyclists and pedestrians on the road and allow them a passage to go.

This will ensure that no pedestrian or cyclist gets injured by a vehicle while crossing the road. A motorist needs to stop their car when these people cross the road. They could also control the speed of their vehicles when there are cyclists and pedestrians ahead of the road.

Merging into another lane

One must be careful not to assume that specific norms and courtesies practised on the road are permitted unwritten codes. One needs to know who has the right way when two roads merge into one. The vehicle on the front should have the right of way and should be given preference when a road merges.

When a driver wants to enter a road with many marked lanes, the vehicle inside the lane needs to be given way. One needs to avoid the temptation of speeding up a car to beat other vehicles before a road merges. They need to keep the vehicle within the speed limit of the lane while merging in there.

Using mobile phones

Mobile phones are prohibited while driving on a West Australian road; the rule has been widely publicized. To know more about rules regarding the usage of mobiles on the road, one could enrol in a Perth Driving School. Many drivers have felt irritated trailing behind a vehicle that does not operate cautiously on the road.

It is hard to follow road rules when a driver is busy talking on the road. Mobile phones can act as a distraction for drivers and lead to fatal accidents and injuries. There can be fines and penalties of $400 for a driver found talking on the phone. It is best to avoid using a phone while driving to maintain safety and avoid paying fines.

Crossing continuous lines

One needs to know what each road marking means and what the traffic rules say regarding their usage. The three single continuous lines that one comes across while driving, are lane lines, edge lines and centre lines.

A person is not permitted to cross a centre line/continuous line on the left side of a dotted centre line unless a U-turn is made. One could also turn right to cross a continuous line.

Enrol In A Driving School Perth

There are many road rules that a driver needs to know while driving in Australia. These rules are formed to maintain safety and discipline on roads. Those who did not drive for a long time and have forgotten the rules could enrol in a driving school. One can enrol at a Driving School Perth to learn driving and get refreshed with the road rules.

One could search ‘driving school near me’ on the internet and select a suitable driving school to enrol in.

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