Who Should Choose Child Care Sector As A Career?

Child Care Sector

Over the last few years, the childcare industry in Australia has grown significantly, which has made many individuals interested in enrolling in Early Childhood Education and Care courses. Suppose you love playing with and educating young children or want to make a vital contribution to developing the capabilities and skills of the next generation. In that case, the child care sector is the best place to build your career. However, it is important to check whether working as a child care worker will suit your necessities and requirements before you start. To understand that, reading this blog will be helpful.

The childcare sector is for those who want to build a rewarding career

Spending ample time with young children will be a rewarding experience in your life. So, if you are naturally loving and caring, you will find that this path is the perfect option for you.

  • As a professional, you will need to do simple tasks like preparing their meals, bringing out their toys, or running after them to bring them back to the right place. However, once you start getting involved more and more, you will discover that these tasks will not feel like tasks, and working will be fun.
  • But you must not forget that, like any other job, the job of a childcare worker also involves various challenges. Keep in mind that every child will be different and have differences in their behaviours and necessities.

Join this sector for your personal development

Self-improvement can be done at any stage of life and any place. As a professional in the childcare sector, you will always come across various opportunities for personal development. We have already mentioned that working in a childcare centre can involve a lot of challenges. While some may find them too much to deal with, you can think of newer strategies to overcome these difficulties. In this way, you can become a much stronger individual, both physically and mentally.

  • The lessons you will learn through handling these situations will come in handy in a later phase of your life when you build your own family or start a business in a similar or different field.
  • Communication, a sense of responsibility and commitment, and patience are needed in every sphere of life. While dealing with challenges in a childcare setting, you can easily grow these qualities.
  • Moreover, when you enrol in a Certificate III in Child Care course, you will get the chance to learn new skills and knowledge required to work in this sector. This course includes a mandatory 120-hour placement training where you can gain hands-on experience in a real-life workplace environment.
  • In short, this introductory-level course will help you learn new techniques, become aware of the latest industry trends, and refresh your knowledge about essential regulations and policies. All these learnings will contribute to your personal development.

This Sector Is The Perfect Choice For Those Seeking Flexibility

If you are looking for flexible job options, choosing the career of a childcare worker can be a wise decision. Many professionals choose this sector as it allows them to maintain a perfect balance between life and work.

Full-time, part-time and casual basis – all three options are available here and based on your requirements, you can choose your work schedule. According to information, full-time professionals work for about 38 hours a week, while part-time workers work less but still access similar working benefits. On the other hand, casual workers work for at least 2 hours a day, mostly for relief purposes.

As per survey reports of Job Outlook, over 51% of child care workers are casual-basis or part-time employees. For a new mother, it can be a perfect employment option to consider, as they can work for a specified period in a day while also giving ample time to their children.

Individuals willing to build a quick career can join this sector

Depending on the skills, qualifications, and experience individuals possess, job opportunities are plenty in the child care sector. After completing your Certificate 3 course, you can get employed in the following roles.

  • Early Childhood Educator/Teacher
  • Preschool aide
  • Playgroup supervisor
  • Nanny
  • Family day care educator
  • Recreation assistant
  • Outside school hours care assistant

Upon completing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, possible career paths are as follows.

  • Children’s services coordinator
  • Authorised or nominated supervisor in children’s services
  • Childcare centre manager
  • Children’s services director
  • Group leader or team coordinator
  • Children’s advisor
  • Child development educator
  • Program leader

The best thing about studying childcare is that you will always have the opportunity to enrich your expertise. After completing the Diploma, you can choose to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from a university. It will automatically increase your chances to get more senior administrative roles in the sector.

Child care professionals have high demands

As per the predictions by Job Outlook, the number of necessary child care professionals has significantly increased until 2020. More than 50000 vacancies are predicted to open shortly. This figure indicates that you can take this opportunity and take your career to the next level.

This sector is for someone who wants to make a social and economic impact

Child care workers also play a crucial role in society, impacting social and economic growth. So, if your objective is to make a significant contribution to society, you can consider this career an option.

  • As a professional, you will lay the foundation of the future learning of the children, the future of a nation.
  • When parents know that their children are under the care of a professional, they can go to their workplaces happily. It will, in turn, keep the workforce operating.
  • Lots of job opportunities open in the childcare centres, regardless of the size of the business.

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Final words

Building a career in the childcare sector can be an excellent experience, but for that, you must follow all the essential steps. Getting enrolled in an Early Childhood Education and Care course in Perth will be the best way to start. Numerous colleges offer these courses, and therefore, you must check the college websites for specific details.

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