What Is The Difference Between Certificate III Aged Care And Certificate IV Ageing Support

Certificate III Aged Care

If a person wants to have a satisfying career in the aging support industry in Australia, they will need to get either a certificate III aged care or Certificate IV. While these certificates are similar, they are not the same. The course material differs greatly, and the jobs to be qualified after graduation are also different.

There are many key differences between certificate III in aged care and certificate IV in ageing support, and one can decide which course to choose after knowing the differences. If a person desires to help older adults and turn it into a career, then aged care courses are perfect for them.

Differences In The Courses

Despite both certificate courses falling under the aged care course, there are some differences between certificate 3 in aged care short course and certificate IV in aged care. Some of those differences are-

Course material

The level III course covers all the fundamental material that a student needs to know before commencing their career in aged care. The certificate three-course provides a student with all the basic information to take a job in an aged care service or home care setting. The course includes both theoretical and practical skills.

Certificate 4 in aged care course alternatively goes deeper in training to provide students with important advanced skills. Of both the courses, Level III is the basic one, while Level IV is an advanced form of the former with more skill sets. With more advanced training to develop superior skills, the certificate IV course also helps to prepare for management and leadership roles. This is because the students would have the skills to rise to different managerial and leadership ranks at aged care facilities.

Career path

The choice one makes while deciding between a Level III course, or a Level Iv course can greatly impact the career path in the aged care industry after one gets out of school. As a more advanced course, Level IV usually leads to high-paying jobs, and however, the jobs can also be difficult in terms of required skills.

So if an individual wants a more enhanced position with higher pay, they can benefit more from a certificate 4 in aged care course in Adelaide. If one desires an entry-level position, a certificate III course is the better option.

The career options for both the course are:

Level III certificate

  1. Residential care worker
  2. Care assistant
  3. Support worker
  4. Home care worker
  5. Nursing assistant
  6. Respite care worker

Level IV certificate

  1. Residential caseworker
  2. Daycare centre manager
  3. Daycare centre owner
  4. Care service leader
  5. Supervisory and managerial roles in aged care facilities.

Course Details

There are no preconditions for the Level III course. This course combines the theory courses with workshops and a real-life 150 hours of work placement in many aged care settings. One can do the theory courses either in person or online, and many people choose to do them online as it is more suitable. However, the work placements and workshops are done in person.

  • There are no requirements for the level IV courses either, but finishing the level three course first is very important. If one does not do this, they could miss an opportunity to create a strong foundation and knowledge base that can serve them for the rest of their career.
  • Like Level III courses, the level IV course also consists of workshops, theory classes and personal training in aged care facilities.
  • Throughout the level IV course, one can learn all the information they need to become a skilled leader or professional in the aged care sector. Getting a level IV certificate can help begin a journey to a rewarding and satisfying career in aged care.

Choosing The Best Course As Per The Individual

There are different factors that one needs to consider while choosing the appropriate course. If one desires to be a manager/leader with enhanced responsibility in an aged care facility, one could opt for a level IV course. If not, and they want to stick to lower-level positions, then a level III course is a better option. However, if one desires a leadership position in this industry, a level IV course is a good option.

The next thing one has to think about is whether they want to learn enhanced skills such as dementia care. If a person is interested in this, then a level IV course is better. This is because a level Iv course provides better training for such skills.

Another thing to be considered is the range of salary. If one wants to earn the highest salary, they should opt for a level IV course because it can help acquire top roles in the industry. Without obtaining a level IV certificate, one cannot acquire these high roles.

While deciding between a level III and level IV course, one could also consider how long they want to be in school. If they want to end school as early as possible to begin their career. But if they do not mind going to school for an increased duration to earn higher-paying jobs, then a level IV course is the better option.

A Level IV certificate takes longer to obtain because many people choose to complete a level III course before training for the level IV course.

Associate With A Suitable Aged Care Course

To get a job in the aged care industry, one must complete either a certificate IIII or a Certificate IV course. One could enroll in their choice of course based on their preferences. If they want to spend a long time studying enhanced skills, they can opt for a Certificate IV In Aged Care Adelaide. Completing the level IV course allows higher job roles with an enhanced salary.

However, if they want to secure a job and not spend more time in school. Certificate III would be the best choice. Various institutes in Adelaide offer certificate III and Certificate IV courses in the aged care industry.

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